Daily Prompt: A Close Encounter to the After Life

My family owns property next to a river which is fed from a lake nearby. During the summers our family would gather there and spend the weekends together.

One Saturday morning, as I was driving to the river, I came upon a part of the road that had drop-off cliffs on both sides of the road.  Prior to getting to this particular part of the road, I had to come over a hill. It wasn’t until I topped that hill did I see that there was a van stopped in the right lane of the highway. The driver and the passengers of the van had abandoned the van in the middle of the highway and had walked down the cliffs to gather firewood.

Immediately, I looked to see if I could go around him safely. However, there was a large car coming in the opposite direction making that impossible. I checked my rearview mirror and a truck was topping the hill behind me, at a very high speed, destined to hit the back of my car. I was stuck behind this parked van with vehicles coming in both directions. There was no way to escape the destiny of a four vehicle crash, without driving off the side of a cliff.

I proceeded to honk my horn in one long syllable.  I put my head on the steering wheel and started talking to God. “God, I’m coming to meet you.” I had no doubt that I would soon be dead, as well as the man in the truck and the woman in the car coming in the opposite direction. The situation was grim. At that moment, I turned it over to God, and released my fear.

All of a sudden, the driver of the van, hopped into the driver’s seat and sped off! If he had been even five seconds later, it would have been too late.  He avoided causing a fatal accident by a mere FIVE SECONDS!

Once the danger was over, my anger raged.  I gladly shared with him my middle finger all the way up to my turn off.  Hopefully, I got my point across!  (IDIOT! STUPID STUPID IDIOT!)

I made it to the river property but it took me the rest of the day to stop shaking.  (And my middle finger will never be the same. :D)


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