As I am reading so many blogs on WordPress, it makes me realize just how passionate we all are. Some of you are very passionate about Writing, some of you are passionate about Jazz, some of you are passionate about Poetry, some of you are passionate about Crafts, some of you are passionate about Crocheting, some of you are passionate about painting, some are passionate about mental health, and some of you are passionate about God. No matter what your passions are, we all have something in common; we are all passionately creative. I love it! I love all the passionate people here on WordPress! As for me, I am passionate about drawing and writing. I love to draw and am always trying to improve. I love to write, (and am always trying to improve), but at this time, I am not trying to author a book. I want to wish each and every one of you the very best in your creative passion endeavors. I truly hope that all your dreams come true.


18 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Fantastic horses …I can see your passion in its eyes and feel the passion of your writing !!! Keep going …
    and thanks for those well meaning wishes to all the creative people out here. Its true, there are so many amazingly creative people out here.. I love to hang around the writers nook but at the moment I have a mission to complete 😉 Hopefully I will start another blog once I chronicle all my crochet/crafty projects.

  2. The drawing is magnificent, and am also enamored with all the passion coming through my once dead and lonely computer screen…WordPress has changed so much for me.

      • You are welcome…and yes, the change has been a really good thing. I am coming out of a dark space and into the light of who I am for myself. I’m so happy that you enjoy my posts. I don’t work very hard on them…most the time I just write what I’m thinking. Funny, the best posts seem to come in the middle of the night.

          • I’ve actually been up so late recently. I fall asleep about 7pm, then wake around midnight or later, and type until the wee hours of the morning. Nap during the day if I need to. It’s a very messed up schedule. Luckily it’s the only schedule I have lately.

          • With the perspective of your writing, that is a good thing, if that is when your thoughts are their best. Hopefully, that sleep schedule isn’t too hard on you. Take care of your health. (as I am sure you do, but thought I would put some unsolicited advice in there because I care. :D). As for me, the best time for me is early in the mornings when everything is so quiet.



          • Thanks hon…I do okay with any schedule as long as I get enough rest. I appreciate your concern. I learned to love the night time for it’s quietness when my kids were little. I guess I still love the midnight hours.

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