This Lost Lamb (A Christmas Message)

I hate to admit it, but I am that terrible, horrible, disgusting sinner, that Jesus Christ had to come to this earth for. I am that person that rebelled against my parents, rebelled against my marriage, and rebelled against God. However, this is what really gets to me the most, God, through Jesus Christ, left his celestial paradise and came to this horrid sin-filled earth BECAUSE HE LOVES ME! I was that lost lamb that he came to earth to find and bring back to him. He was not willing to lose me to the wolves and other prey of this world that were getting their hold on me.

When I was at my worst and at my darkest time, believing I was beyong saving, my blessed Savior was still there for me. NO TO THE HELL FOR ME! Jesus Christ would have none of that! He was there to rescue me out of those evil jaws!

Something knocked me in the head and I repented and opened my eyes; and my life has not been the same since. (Thank you Jesus! Thank you God!)

Thank you Lord, for leaving your heavenly home to find me and bring me back to your safe and loving arms. Thank you for your precious Grace. Thank you for coming to this earth to rescue me from my sins. I now know your voice and I do not want to be anywhere else, except in your celestial kingdom with you for all eternity.


(Photo borrowed from Pinterest. Thank you Pinterest).



13 thoughts on “This Lost Lamb (A Christmas Message)

  1. We are all sinners whether we would like to admit it or not. I’m glad you found the way. Now, even if we can’t be “nearby” friends now, we will be one day!

  2. Love this. Yes, we are all sinners. No one is perfect… but His Grace and Mercy is sufficient for all of our failures. May God continue to pour out His blessings over you!

  3. I’m with you. I came to him late in life, and looking back I can now see that he was with me protecting me until I was ready to give my life and heart to him. It’s all so amazing – his sacrifice, his forgiveness, his grace. And now, we are all his adopted children. Another lamb, another sister.

  4. I’m that terrible, horrible, disgusting sinner too. And I’m so grateful for the God-given desire to want to do better each day. Still have a long way to go, but when I look back on my life, I can definitely say that I’m better than I used to be! 🙂

    Thank you, Lord, for loving me as I am and encouraging me to be the best I can be.

      • You’re welcome, Joy, and I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry to hear about Sassy. The same thing happened to me last year but with two cats I had, who were outside cats but extremely social and even trained (by me) to do tricks!

        They both went missing at the same time, along with two other cats from the neighborhood. I searched the shelters, as you did, and inquired with neighbors on my street, even (with great sorrow) checked the roadways for their bodies….

        No cats anywhere to be found. I have to assume that someone in the neighborhood either took them or got rid of them. Very, very upsetting, but there is nothing I can do because I don’t know who did this. I have prayed for the cats many times, that they were not hurt by whoever took them.

        In your case, since you may have an idea of who did this, you could consider making a police report. It’s a drastic step, I know, and it might be scary to do it. It’s something you’d have to pray about and be sure of.

        I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this and I’ll pray for you and Sassy.

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