The Little Boy Molested

During a time I was having a lot of health issues, my physician confided in me, that he had been molested as a little boy. Prior to his confession, I had told him that my psychiatrists had told me that I must have been sexually abused as a child, but I don't remember ever being sexually molested.

This physician had been my doctor for over 13 years so I felt particularly close to him (as far as physicians go). And when he told me about his molestation as a child, I truly felt compassion for him as a little boy.

At that time I was going to a particular church which I had not been attending for very long, but after my doctor told me this, for some reason, I took that little boy into my heart and felt the emotional pain for him.

At church that next Sunday, I was still feeling this emotional pain and I was silently crying.

When the pastor asked that anyone in the congregation who needed prayer to come to the front of the church and kneel, I answered that call. My friend and I both went to the front of the church and we knelt down for the pastor to pray for us. My friend was first in the line, I was next and there were about 10 others after me.

The pastor stopped at my friend and prayed for her. Next, when it was to be my turn, he passed me by and went to the person to my left and prayed for him, and continued praying for all the people kneeling for prayer. However, for some reason, of which I do not know, he had chosen to not pray for me.

Did I believe that he felt that The Lord did not want him to pray for me? Absolutely not! I was asking for prayer for a little boy that had been sexually molested many many years before, and not for me.

I will never ever believe that Jesus Christ did not want him to pray over me, or more specifically, for this little boy.

My friend got upset but I asked her not to, because I did not want to cause a commotion.

This incident did not turn me against God or against Jesus Christ. It made me realize that this pastor was not connected to love and grace of Jesus Christ and that his prayers were nothing but show.

Of course, I left the church. Oddly though, many others left too and their reason to leave, I do not know. What I do know, is he was left with a very small congregation.

I personally prayed for this little boy, and the pain he must have felt (that I felt) was released from me.

Because some “godly” people work sometimes in “ungodly ways” does not mean that it is God's way.

Our Heavenly Father is loving, compassionate, and cares for us more than we will ever know while living on this earth. So please, do not let incidences such as this turn you against God. He will give you peace beyond your understanding, all you have to do is ask.

God works in mysterious ways. His ways are not our ways, and often are in ways in which we never expect. Leave yourself open to His Love and His Grace. And, may God bless you!



12 thoughts on “The Little Boy Molested

    • Yes, it is sad that the pastor wouldn’t pray over me. I truly was hurting for my physician as a small child. Maybe to some that sounds crazy, but I did truly feel his pain.


  1. All of us are human and therefore imperfect in our frailties. Only Jesus is perfect. I am certain He was praying for you, as was the Holy Spirit, at that very moment. None of us need ever turn away from God due to human actions. We have a choice – to run away from Him or run toward His open arms when tragedy occurs. If we run away, we are only creating our own private hell filled with anger, resentment and bitterness. If we run to His arms, we choose eventual comfort, healing and peace, even though the road might be a long one. He never leaves us, and if you are one who has turned away, He will welcome you back with open arms.

  2. A very confusing incident that could have really tested your belief gave you deeper clarity and understanding and allowed your strength of character and belief to really shine through. Bravo to you for knowing what was most important, praying for that wounded child. God was working through you that day, and the day you penned this post. Melissa Xx

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