Wake Up! Wake Up!

Very early this morning, I was peacefully sleeping when someone started banging as hard as they could on my front door. I was much too sleepy to get up and answer it, so I ignored it. The banging continued for quitesome time. Finally, it stopped and I was able to go back to sleep.

Two hours later the banging on my door started again. This time louder and with more intensity, lasting well over 5 minutes. Finally, when I realized this time they weren't going to stop, I got up and went to the restroom, put on my sweats, all while this intense banging on my door continued.

What if it is the policemen and something bad has happened to a family member? Is my neighbor's house on fire? (A million things can run through your mind at a time such as this).

Finally, I opened the door just a crack. Standing there was my neighbor, Sandy, from across the street.

“Can I get some milk for my cereal?”


Who would stand in the bitter cold for 15 minutes, banging on someone's door VERY early in the morning for a cup of milk for their cereal?


Sometimes it makes me crazy.



11 thoughts on “Wake Up! Wake Up!

  1. It really goes to show how seriously people take their cereal. I for one, am only serious about cocoa puffs and frosted flakes. I do hope her cereal was worth standing outside for milk.

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