Daily Prompt & Zero to Hero Challenge

Today's Daily Prompt is the assignment for the Zero to Hero Challenge Assignment.



For me, today's prompt is: “The Luckiest People.” We are to discuss the first person we encountered in our day and write about him or her. For me, the luckiest person is two people. Both of them WordPress bloggers, as we chatted through the comments section of their blogs and my blog.

The first person I encountered was calmgirl06 through her post, “If The Shoe Fits.” Her blog url is http://talesofaslightlystressedmother. I have concluded that her part of the world is in the evening hours when my part of the world is in the morning hours. I am able to connect to her quickly when I wake up in the morning and have a “chat” session with her. I loved her post picture this morning. It was a picture of her family's shoes all placed into a circle. I could “imagine” the children who wear those shoes and I could also picture her and her husband (although I do not know what they look like except for calmgirl06).

Next I ran into Kim13 through her post, “Life's Labor Pains,” her url is http://quietdesperation.wordpress.com.

Kim discusses how painful change is for everyone who experiences it. She is currently facing change in her life and as she goes through these “labor pains” of change, she knows the end result will be joyful. Kim has a wonderful way of drawing her readers inside of her emotions and her daily life. After reading her posts, I always end with the feeling of, “I truly hope the best for you.”

During the winter months I don't get out of my house very often, so my encounters will be my friends on the internet. I am so grateful for finding WordPress and for the friends I have made on this site. I also love how the employees of WordPress draw their clients into different challenges and prompts.

I still have so very much to learn.

17 thoughts on “Daily Prompt & Zero to Hero Challenge

  1. Great post Joy and you’re very sweet to keep mentioning my blog. You’re right time scale wise I think. I live in Wales, UK so our evening and morning are opposites. Lovely to chat though and thanks again for all your encouragement. 🙂

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