Don’t Throw the Old Dog Out!

If you haven't figured this out by now, I have a huge and very kind heart. (Well.. most of the time). My neighbors across from me are moving into an apartment where they cannot take their animals and they have a whole menagerie of animals. I get so frustrated with them because they get new precious puppies,. don't get the innoculated and they die of Parvo. It makes me want to SCREAM! Half the time they don't even have enough money to feed the ones they have but they keep getting more. More dogs. More cats.

NOW, Back to the story of their apartment. They have to find homes for the animals or take them to the local animal shelter. They have an old dog that they are just going to take and have put down. They have four cats they said they are just going to leave behind and let the fend on their own. Again, I am SCREAMING inside. “You can't just leave your animals to fend for themselves! That's mean!” So, they started finding homes for their dogs, except for one, the old dog, Beth.

Tonight I asked them what they are going to do with Beth. I was told they were going to have her put down. I said, (weak moment), I will take Beth. She said, “Really? Are you sure?” “Yes, I am sure.”

Why did I agree to this? Because Beth has spent most of her life chained up and neglected. Finally she was given a fenced in yard. But she is strictly an outside dog over there. With me and in my house, I want her to think she has died and gone to heaven.

She will sleep inside where it is warm at night. In the summer she will be inside where it is cool. She will have plenty of food, attention, and her very own bed. (and a few treats here and there). I know if she was taken to the Animal Shelter she would not be considered an adoptable dog and her days would be numbered.

Soon my home will be graced by two new fur family members, Beth, the old dog, and Oreo, the Black and White Cat. I will be changing Beth's name because I don't want to remember the horrible conditons she came from. Oreo is a long hair black and white male cat they were going to take to the shelter. Please give me some suggestions on new names for Beth and Oreo. Thank you!


7 thoughts on “Don’t Throw the Old Dog Out!

  1. Lovely! Ohh names are tricky – you might need to spend a little time getting to know their personality first. Obvious black & white cat names that spring to mind are Humbug, Domino & Jesse (as in Postman Pat’s cat)! Dog names – Hope or Faith? Just ideas – although not particularly original ones!

  2. I think what you’re doing is commendable. Not many others would do the same thing. People like us are few and far between. Now, instead of Oreo for the car, what about Domino (still with the black and white theme. I would have to know a little more about Beth to be able to think of something for her.

    • Hi Joy! I do like that name, however, something has come up and I am not going to be able to take these animals. Princeton (the dog I have now who is old) is having problems, and I have decided not to upset him with a new dog and cat. I am trying to do what I can to keep him from being put down. He goes back to vet tomorrow.


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