Reading Fury

Lately I have been reading with an insatiable appetite. Fortunately, most of the books that I have chosen fromBookBub have been wonderful five star reading.

Just in case you have never heard about BookBub, I would like to tell you about them. (For your information, I do not work for them and am not making money or getting books for telling you about them).

When you sign up to BookBub, you choose what type of books interest you, then every day they send an email with a list of books, within your interests, that are on special. Almost always there are several books each day that are free. The highest priced book they have offered in these specials were $2.99, but most of them are only .99 cents, and again, several each day are free.

In case you have never heard about BookBub and like to read, check them out!

Pictures are from Pinterest.



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