2:00 am Wake Up Emergency?

I was in bed asleep and the dogs started barking. It woke me up and there was someone knocking at my door. It scared me to death! Who knocks on someone's door at 2:00 am in the morning!? It had to be an emergency!

I got up and came into my living room and yelled, “Who is it!?” I wasn't about to open my door until I knew.

A little voice said, “Sandy.” I opened the door and Sandy said, “Can I have two pieces of bread?”

I won't tell you what I said last night because it wasn't very nice, but this morning, I can't stop laughing. Do you think it's because I'm tired?

12 thoughts on “2:00 am Wake Up Emergency?

    • Yes, I certainly wasn’t laughing last night. After I yelled at her, I started feeling badly because I realized that possibly her sugars were off (she’s a diabetic). I called the non-emergency number and explained it to them and they sent two policemen over to check on her. Earlier in the day, she had come over to get two pieces of bread and I gave her 4 pieces of bread. I guess I should have just given her the whole loaf.


    • Also, I told the police dispatcher that I was also concerned that if she couldn’t afford bread right now that she may have run out of her diabetes medicine and couldn’t afford to renew her prescription.


  1. I’m pretty sure I would not have been very nice at that hour either…You my dear were sweet for calling to have her checked up on though. 🙂

    • Thanks Kim! 🙂 After I woke up a bit and cleared my mind of the sleep cobwebs, I remembered her Diabetes situation and became very concerned. She had come over in the afternoon before and asked for a couple of slices of bread and I gave her four slices. I became concerned at 2:00 am this morning that if she could not afford bread maybe she had run out of her diabetes meds and couldn’t afford to have it refilled.


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