Birds of a Feather Band Together

I love watching the hummingbirds at my feeders. I have three feeders that are relatively close to each other. For about a month this summer, little orange Rufus Hummingbirds took over the feeders and would chase away all the little green humingbirds (the most prominent hummingbirds here). Sometimes I would go out and stand close to the feeders and the little orange hummingbirds would even try to run me away from the feeders. Instead, I would shoo them away so the green birds could feed.

One day I was watching the Rufus hummingbirds (there were about three of them) running off the green hummingbirds. There were so many green hummingbirds they were just running the orange birds ragged by their constant attempts to feed. (It was quite entertaining watching the green hummingbirds wear out the orange hummingbirds). After awhile, all the birds, green and orange, were peacefully eating at the feeders together.

The very next day it would start all over again.





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