Writing 101 – Free Flow

This is a beautiful sunny day in September in the southwest region of North America. The temperature lowers to about 48oF during the night and then warms to about 75oF during the day. My beautiful plants, vines, and the tree's leaves are turning yellow and one by one they are floating to the ground.

The hummingbirds have departed for their winter vacation in the Southern Hemisphere. Before they left, several came over to the window where I was sitting and watched me for a while, then flew away. I think they were thanking me for the feeders and to say goodbye. Hopefully, I will see them again next summer.

I believe that everyone should do something kind for others as often as possible, and hopefully that is often. On Mondays, my friend brings me 3 loads of her laundry and I wash and fold them for her. It helps her as she is so very busy with her husband and five children, and, just as important, it makes me feel good.

I am hoping to learn a lot about writing in Writing 101. Please feel free to comment and make suggestions.

The url to my post is https://pricelessjoy.wordpress.com/2014/09/15/writing-101-free-flow/

22 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Free Flow

  1. A lovely post….and yes, the hummingbirds have left the southeast as well. I love my garden and birds, and right now the butterflies are making my lantana and Mexican petunias and butterfly bushes look alive with their multicolored wings. They, too, are fueling up for their trek across the Gulf of Mexico!

    I wish you well on your creative writing course. I took it in college. I have loved to write since I could pick up a pen. 🙂

    WOW what a wonderful friend you are to do the laundry for the mom of five kids. She is blessed to have you for a friend. You are a kind heart, indeed. I think it is a great suggestion that we do for others. Sometimes we have to be reminded how good it feels to do for others. xo

  2. Enjoyed your post and glad to meet you as we do this course together! Love your blog name. How very nice of you to lend your friend a helping hand! I totally agree about doing something kind every day! If I could make one suggestion. I love the background you chose, but could you use a brighter font…I had a little trouble reading your post….probably just my eyes, but it just was a little dark.
    Good luck to you as you pursue writing… I hope to write a book also! Feel free to visit my site at http://joyroses13.wordpress.com

  3. I think it takes a lot of courage to do this free-flow type of thinking on your blog. Good for you. And awesome that you help your friend in a real and tangible way. Doing the laundry is just exactly what she probably needed. What a good friend you are.

  4. You sound like such a nice person. I’m no judge, but putting action to words by doing for others. . .that’s impressive. I hope you get what you are looking for out of this Writing 101 experience. I look forward to reading more.

  5. Yes it is easier to read now! Great job! 🙂 I like the blue, it gives it a soft feeling! Sorry I didn’t respond right away, still learning how to get my messages, etc. 🙂

    • Do you know how to follow a blog? At the top of a person’s blog are words (on many of the themes) in little buttons and you just click “follow” on that button. When it has a checkmark in it, then you are following that blog. Do you have the WordPress Reader App downloaded? This app makes it very easy to read, comment, like, and follow blogs. There is so much to discover in WordPress! Awesome place. Do you like to write? We have a new blog for new writers called the Writers’ Hub. Let me know if you are interested in joining.

    • Also, on most blog themes, there are buttons or areas where you can push that area to follow someone’s blog. You will learn new things about blogging every day. It’s fun!

    • I have sent you an invitation to join the Writers Hub. It shoud be in the email that you registered with WordPress. If it is not there, look in your SPAM or JUNK file as some people have found their invitations in there. All you have to do is accept it!

  6. “Priceless Joy” is an apt name for you– your sweetness shows through in your comments and freewriting. It was cool for me to “meet” your flash fiction first and then get a glimpse of your mind in your freewriting. God bless you.

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