The Haunted House

Very real looking monsters lurked around every corner. “Dead” souls, trapped in eternal anguish, reached out from behind bars to grab me. The rooms were filled with zombies, ghosts, and monsters. There were large bowls filled with blood and guts that we had to stick our hands in. Blood-curdling screams and wailing filled each room. With every step the terror continually built up inside me. The other people going through the haunted house were screaming. Half-way through I ran out terrified, with my three year old daughter bundled up safe in my arms. No! This was not for me.

(100 Words)

Mini-Challenge: Write a Halloween Story in 100 words or less.


10 thoughts on “The Haunted House

  1. I enjoyed this one, the last part where you ran outside the haunted house terrified made me giggle. I know it was a scary experience but the how you wrote the it painted a clear image and your ‘voice’ just came through. Happy Halloween!!

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