Good News for Lucas

Daily Post Challenge – November 12, 2014 – Trio #4

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

Lucas’ head was in the clouds on this beautiful crisp, bright spring morning. Who could blame him, he had such wonderful news to tell his mother. (His friends warned him that some of the bullies of the school would be jealous and might cause trouble). Lucas wasn’t concerned. He had always gotten along with these boys and they had never bullied him before. Besides, he wasn’t going to let fear spoil the fifteen minutes of fame that just today became his.

School had been hard for him this year. His father had passed away early in the school year and his mother struggled to keep food on the table for him, his two younger sisters and younger brother. When Lucas wasn’t working on his school studies he was in the forest cutting wood to sell and help his mother make ends meet. He was a good son. His mother’s pride and joy.

Now the girls will take notice of him, when in the past they didn’t even bat him an eye. Maybe it was the clothes he wore. His clothes weren’t as nice as the other kids. But, Lucas didn’t care if his clothes were older and out of style. He knew his mother could only afford to buy his clothes from second hand stores.

As soon as Lucas arrived home from school each day, he would take care of his younger siblings so his mother could go to her job at the corner laundry. On the days he went to the forest to cut wood, he would take them with him and they would play close by while he chopped wood. But today was different. Today, he wouldn’t be cutting wood. Today he had wonderful news to tell his mother.

Before he had a chance to tell her, a car sped by filled with boys screaming something that neither Lucas nor his mother could understand.

“What was that about?” His shocked mother asked.

Lucas grinned from ear to ear, “Mom, I was elected King of the Senior Class today.

She threw her arms around him to show how happy she was for him. “Oh, how proud I am of my eldest son,” she thought, as she wiped her happy tears with her shirt.

“Son, I am so proud of you.” She squeezed him again, this time, giving him a long and warming hug. As soon as she let go, she reached for her purse, even with this happy news she still had to go to her job.

Lucas made peanut butter sandwiches for the little ones as a snack. Dinner would be ready in a few hours. The fragrant smells of tomato sauce, basil, oregano, and other wonderful Italian flavors of spaghetti sauce bubbled and permeated the air. Spaghetti was Lucas’ and his siblings’ favorite meal. He sat at the table to tackle his homework.

Not being able to concentrate on his homework and on the delicious sauce instead, Lucas began cooking the pasta for the spaghetti when the phone rang. His little sister, Leandra answered,

“Yes, one moment.” She called out for her older brother.

“Lucas, telephone!”

“Strange,” Lucas thought, “My friends do not have telephones.”

He picked up the receiver and answered, “Hello.”

“You gonna get your ass kicked!” The graveled voice yelled.

Lucas was a quick thinker. A smart witty kid, this boy! He wasn’t going to let this Neanderthal ruin his happy feelings.

“Hey!” Lucas replied. “Do you know how Eskimos have babies?” In shocked response, the caller was silent.

“They rub noses and out pops a little bugar!”

The unknown caller burst into laughter (more out of pure shock of the response to his threat since this joke wasn’t really funny). The caller quickly hung up the phone.

Today something wonderful had happened for Lucas. Today was his day and he wasn’t going to allow a stupid phone call threat or threats screamed out of speeding cars by cowards, ruin it.

No way, not one single bit. Today, he was a king.

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