Grateful and Guilty

The Daily Post Challenge for November 22, 2014


Awwww, guilty pleasures. We all have them. Right?

On my last trip to the grocery store for my monthly grocery shopping, a small box of candy caught my eye. It wasn’t just any candy, it was Pecan Turtles! I haven’t seen Pecan Turtles, it seems forever.

My eyes briefly scanned the box while my mind plotted a way to get me to buy them. It is just a small box of chocolates. I haven’t had any in a very long time. I have done very well in staying away from sweets and salty chips. Hmmm, should I? My eyes briefly glanced over my surroundings while my brain chanted, “Yes, yes yes! Get them!

Making sure no one was watching and that they were all busy shopping. I snatched the box off the shelf and put it in my basket underneath the bags of fresh vegetables. Feeling confident that I had just gotten a clean get-a-way, I proceeded down the aisles to locate the remaining items on my list. Yes, I know, the candy wasn’t on my list.

I inspected each item carefully before placing them in my cart. As always, I stuck to my list. (Except for the “you know what”). Fresh vegetables. Check. Fresh fruits. Check. Packaged fish. Check. Healthy cereal. Check. Grains. Check. Whole Wheat Bread. Check. Paper products. Check. Finally. All items found and accounted for. Time to proceed to the check-out.

I noticed there were only two check-stands operating. I walked up to the first one. Oh no, not this one. The checker is my friend, Judy’s, daughter. I walk over to the second check-stand. Good. This is a new checker and I don’t know him. I purge my basket while I am placing all the items onto the big black belt. I can hear the scanner clicking the register. Click, click, click. Suddenly, the sound stops. I look up from my job of purging and notice he has the microphone to the loud speaker at his lips.


I can feel my face turning bright red as horror filled every crevice in my chest. I grabbed the box of chocolates from the man, “Sorry, I don’t want these after all.” And I quickly take them back to their proper place in the aisle.

When I get back to the check-stand, my groceries are already bagged and in my cart. I quickly pay my bill and push my cart out to my car and unload my groceries. Driving home and feeling disappointed that I didn’t just buy the stupid candy.

My car veers into the drive-in of a business on the street I am driving down. As I slowly pull up to the drive-up window, the young lady at the window smiled and waited for me to order.

“A Pecan Cluster Blizzard with extra pecans and chocolate, please.”


18 thoughts on “Grateful and Guilty

  1. I loved this! I also love Pecan Turtles (Pangburn Millionaires are my favorite but can be hard to find here.) You took me along every step of your grocery-store trip. (I also like those Blizzards. Self-control is not my strong point.)

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