One Four Challenge December Week 1

I am participating in Robyn G's One Four Challenge for December 2014. If you are interesting in joining this challenge, check out Her blog's name is “Captivate Me.”

This is the url to her post for December (I think because I had to guess):

This is an image I used earlier in my Photogrophy 101 class. This photograph was taken a short distance from my home. I chose it because of the “southwest” theme of the image.

For my editing, I used, “Aviary”. These are my edits for this image:

1) Enhanced as a Portrait to give it a soft look.

2) Full Color Saturation.

3) Blurr effects on background.



14 thoughts on “One Four Challenge December Week 1

  1. Hello Joy. Glad to have you joining us 😀
    Such a cheerful image – as the others have said, bright and dreamy.
    Lovely subject 😀
    Its really interesting to see what can be done with apps and an iPad now.
    Welcome to the challenge!!

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