One Four Challenge Dec Week 2

This is week 2 for the One Four Challenge for December by Robyn G's, “Captivate Me” blog. If you would like to join in on this challenge please go to this blog:

My second week image has been edited in the following way (I use an iPad and my editing tools are limited):

First I used Aviary and blurred the background. Next, I edited with Splash using the Smart Color. After that, I gave it the Arizona Effect.

Next, I used PS (Photo Shop) Express and used the Dappled Effect.

My image is from a location not far from my home.

Week 2 – Arizona Southwest

Week 1 – Dreamy Southwest





38 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Dec Week 2

  1. PJ I like what you have achieved this week – and with Apps. Amazing 😀
    Giving the foreground clarity has give the overall image a 3D feel and those colours still pop!
    Such a pretty piece of the area you live in!

    • Thank you Robyn! I am new at photo editing and photography. I have a lot to learn! When I took a picture of this particular image, I thought, “What will I ever do with this photo? Who would even want to see it?” But I liked it and took the picture anyway.

  2. I love how the blue splashes of colour stand out ..helped by the blurred background (I just wondered how would the image be if the background was a bit desaturated?..
    I love the vibrant colours !

  3. nice treatment of this image, blue/yellow is a classic colour combo. Nice job on the background blurring, I agree with another poster that a bit of desaturation might fade it just that bit more away from notice. Or the other option is to crop the top section – ask yourself, is it really adding value to the imabe by being there?

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