All or Nothing at All?

Perhaps when we find ourselves wanting everything, it is because we are dangerously close to wanting nothing.” — Sylvia Plath

Which do you find more dangerous: want nothing, or wanting everything?


A link to all the submissions for this challenge (I hope):

12 thoughts on “All or Nothing at All?

  1. I don’t know: wanting nothing seems worse to me? When nothing can make me happy, not even the simplest things, then I am down indeed.

    I just read the comments here: very sad about Sylvia Plath. . .

    • Yes, it is sad. I think you are right about wanting nothing. A person has to either be very very content or very very depressed. I guess Sylvia Plath was very very depressed. ūüė¶

  2. a word on your various thoughts on Sylvia Plath. She was certified mentally ill from a young age and try as she would she could not control her depression. She married the future poet laureate Ted Hughes and had a child which she believed would change her mind. But when this did not happen she gave up. A sad tale for all her friends and relatives left behind perhaps, but for her? Not really, Just the only way she could cure an illness.

    • That is very sad that the only way she could cure her illness was by suicide. There weren’t any options in those days were there? I read that she had had shock treatments. (Barbaric, in my opinion).

  3. I guess, you cant want every thing, as we know we can’t get it, and if we want nothing, that puts us in a regression mode and possibly kills ambition. Is there a midway some where? I don’t know and even if it does exist, how many would be satisfied with it, one would wonder.

    • Those are excellent questions. I found out after I had written this piece that Sylvia Plath killed herself. Apparently she was bi-polar and back in those days there were no medications for it. Very sad. But, had I known it at the time I wrote my piece, my story would have been different.

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