One Four Challenge – Week 3

It is now week 3 of Robyn G's One Four Challenge.

Robyn's blog name is Captivate Me.

The url:

For my image today, I used week 2's image and added the effect, Coherence, from iColorama. Next I used Aviary to desaturate the color a bit. I didn't do much editing because I liked the oil painting effect that Coherence adds to it.

Which one is your favorite so far?

If you are interested in participating in Robyn's Challenge, click on her url above for more information.


50 thoughts on “One Four Challenge – Week 3

    • Thank you Ady! It is a photograph that has been “photo shopped” using a photo editor that has “Coherence” Effect which makes it look like a painting. This is a fun challenge blog. You should think about jumping in in January!

  1. I did oil painting effect this week too. Nice job on this and keeping the background in focus this time means the original crop works well πŸ™‚

  2. I love the abstraction of the first one above. I could use that as a base for a textile study. It looks as though you are really having fun and enjoying the explorations.

  3. Just when I thought I got away with not picking a favorite! πŸ˜› I really like the effects in this one, but when I look at all the images together, the one that catches my eye is week 2 — it gives me something to focus on before letting my eyes wander.

    • Thank you Ben! I value your opinion. I guess I like the oil painting effect but it does take away from it being a photograph some. I guess I like it because it is “different.”

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