Christmas Twinkles

I am excited to present you with some beautiful photos of Christmas lights generously loaned to me from Ruchi, whose blog name is, ComeTravelAlong and the url is:

I will use several of these (at different times) as one of my Christmas Season headers.

Please take a moment and check out Ruchi’s awesome blog!

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22 thoughts on “Christmas Twinkles

    • Yes, I am going to use some of them. (WP cuts off about 2/3 of the picture for my header so there are only a few I can use). I tried to put more than 6 photos in the gallery yesterday but WP wouldn’t let me put more than 6 full-size photos. Instead they turned them into postage stamps. So I had to go back and delete one so I could get the full picture on each. Thank you very much! I am going to alternate the different photos. I hope this is helping you get more traffic to your blog!

      • Yes, that would be a challenge as the header would allow only a part of the picture. Looking forward to view these in your header 🙂 Thanks for sharing these; these would indeed be helpful in getting more visitors to my blog.

  1. Wow! these photos are really gorgeous, I don’t have many outside Xmas photos, maybe because it’s too cold here to be outside taking photos during this time of the year, but this year I must try to take nice photos.

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