Abraham’s Friend

Abraham, a long time patient of the psychiatric ward, performed only one single activity daily; sitting, rocking and staring out of his room's second floor window. Today, was nurse McAffey's day to observe him. She charted her observations, and sadly returned to her station.

Little did they know that Abraham had befriended the spider on the other side of that barred window. He watched the spider daily; trap a cockroach and eat it's savory meal. Today it was Nurse McAffey. Tomorrow it will be another pathetic nurse on duty who silently observes him. No one will notice they're missing. (100 words)


Friday Fictioneers Prompt Photo December 19, 2014

Copyright: Douglas M. Macllroy

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43 thoughts on “Abraham’s Friend

  1. It reminds me of a story I read a long time ago about abuse. I believe it was a fly in that girl’s case and she was hoping she wouldn’t have to leave the hospital. In the end, she let the fly infect her and died as a result. It was very sad. Your conclusion in this story makes me sad.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. That is a sad story of the little girl. Sadly, who could blame her? Yes, this story isn’t very happy, but with 100 words or less, I didn’t have much room for a happy ending. πŸ˜€

      • hehe that’s true.But you were definitely successful in being concise. Usually sad stories would make me very sad but at this time of the year, it’s hard to be sad coz of all the festivities around and new year being only 12 days away! I am eagerly waiting to go home! πŸ˜€ and what’s with the thanks n stuff today? lol Have a good rest of the day. gotta run ttyl.

  2. This to me sounds more realistic than fiction πŸ™‚ What you have captured is often true in many cases – other than psychiatric wards…we have many comatose patients who are believed to be hearing and conscious of everything but have no way to express, because their output mechanisms don’t function !!! This story is an example of the thin line between fiction, science and reality !!!

      • Oh no, neither ! But I have my brother who is in a coma last couple of years and I have read a lot about comatose patients being actually conscious of everything around them but they have no control over their output mechanisms … the neural connections are apparently snapped and failed and there is no way yet to record the level of consciousness in a human brain. I have read of an accident case history, where the comatose patient recovers after 18 years and recollects every conversation around his bed his doctors had !! Eerie when you think of it.
        I guess it is the case with those with mental illnesses too. As you have written in the story, we are the ones who is missing to see what Abraham is seeing.

  3. I was quite captivated. So….kind of like the cockroach? It sounds like Abraham was freer than maybe those observing him thought he was, more so than the cockroaches, who perhaps, he felt sorry for. Or did he envy them?

  4. Personally, I think he had created his own little world and hated the nurses that observed him each day and documented their observations. He imagined them being the cockroach, and possibly he is the spider πŸ˜€ Anyway, that is my opinion. Can’t do a whole lot with 100 words or less. Someone in the group said they think the bug is a dung beetle, but I think it is a cockroach.

  5. Reminds me a bit of Dracula πŸ™‚ A little bit scary but this one is blended with an emotion of desolation … great work Joy…. Waiting for your next story πŸ˜€

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