In Due Time at Christmas

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Deadlines. I both hated them and loved them during my working life. I hated them because, well, they were deadlines. (We called them, “drop dead”). I also loved them because they were a challenge to conquer. Challenges helped me to learn and become better and it felt good to have them conquered.

Holidays always approached, bringing along a great deal of stress. There were lists to be made, gifts to purchase and wrap. Next, I would have to stand in line at the Post Office to mail them. There were decorations to put up and a Christmas tree to decorate. There were meals to plan, food and ingredients to purchase, then all the food to prepare. There were endless tasks to complete to make sure the occasion was perfect for family and friends. There never seemed to be enough time to complete them all. The stress would gradually increase and exhaustion would slowly consume me.

The celebrations would be wonderful and 'almost' perfect. Next, the disappointment of it all being over would envelope me. There always seemed to be a sadness when the celebrations were over.

Now that I am retired and my children have homes and children of their own, I understand this sadness much better. There comes a time when that houseful of family with hectic schedules and endless things to do, will be gone. The duties will have been handed over to the children to do for their children. Even though there is a sigh of relief, there is even a louder sigh of quiet despair. The despair that says, “It will never be the same again.”

The other day I went to the store to make a purchase. As I was standing in line to pay out, I noticed the cashier was heavy hearted. We began talking about the upcoming holidays and she told me she was going to be alone.

“It's okay to be alone for Christmas. We can still have a nice Christmas,” I told her with a smile on my face. (We both knew that wasn't completely true). After I had given her the cash, I asked her, “I would really like to give you a hug, would it be okay if I give you a hug?”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes and answered, “Yes,” and held out her arms.

I left the store a little happier than when I went in, and something tells me that she was happier too.

Remember those people who are alone this Christmas. Give them a big bear hug and enjoy the happiness that single act will bring.

And… may yours be Merry and Bright.

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26 thoughts on “In Due Time at Christmas

  1. I wish I could like this post 3 times. πŸ™‚ It takes a special person to reach out to people who are hurting..

  2. What a great act of kindness! Hugs do make people feel better and I’m sure you made a big impact on her. I once remember going through a hard time and decided to buy hot chocolate before work. I was feeling very down and as I was making line an elderly man came toward me and said, “Don’t worry, everything will be fine.” He smiled and walked away. I will never forget that moment because he made me feel so much better and his words touched me, I was left teary eyed. I had never seen him before but it’s like he knew I needed to hear those kind words.
    I send you a big hug and wish you a Merry Christmas πŸ™‚ …plus 5 likes πŸ˜€

    • Thank you so much for FIVE likes! It is truly my lucky day! I do believe that old man was an angel because I believe in them and I also believe in Santa Claus. πŸ˜€ In fact I saw a show on TLC about the real Santa Claus! Oh well, maybe it was a movie, but I still believe in him because if you stop believing, he stops coming. πŸ˜€ You and your family have a super wonderful and peaceful Christmas.

  3. That was so incredibly kind of you. Sometimes it’s acts of kindness like that that make all the difference. Who knows what kind of impact that had. It may be greater than you realize.

  4. I think sometimes as a society we can be a bit self-involved and forget to notice the people around us. That was super sweet of you to give her a hug, sometimes the simplest actions can really help improve someone’s day. A little bit of caring can go a long way and I think we need more hugs throughout the day:)

    • Daisy, thank you for such a sweet comment. You are so right. We do need to be mindful of each other and help others to have a brighter day. Often with the Christmas rush and stress that goes with it, people can be rude to the Cashiers.

  5. Joy, you are such a warm and kind hearted person. Christmas is a funny old time, filled with so much joy and togetherness, but there is also the stress, panic and exhaustion, which always made me wonder why we bother. It was never a happy time within a dysfunctional family and it is difficult to shake that cloud. I’ve spent Christmas day alone ever since I moved to London 20 years ago. There have been many invitations, but all were politely declined. Some see it as sad to prefer to spend the day in blissful aloneness. My tree and decorations are always in proud display, all the housework’s done and the place is looking warm and homely and there is always nice food in the fridge and lots of naughty edibles tucked away. I can’t remember ever having a miserable Christmas day in many years and I hope yours is also filled with peace and Joy πŸ˜‰

    • It sounds to me like you spend your Christmas exactly how you want and there is nothing wrong with that! Sometimes the solitude is preferable over all the business. My niece called and invited me to their home and I will be going there, but I also look forward to the solitude I will have too. Yes, I will be having a nice Christmas and I hope you are too. πŸ™‚

  6. Beautiful post. The name for your blog is inspirational, it says so much. So glad to have discovered your website. Looking forward to reading more in 2015.

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