One Four Challenge Week 4

This week is Week 4 of Robyn G’s, author of, “Captivate Me,” One Four Challenge. This week I used Week 2’s photo and made the following edits:

iColorama: Style>Coherence

Pixlemater: Colorbalance (+); Green (-); Brightness (+); Temperature (+)

Many people preferred week 2’s photo. Others liked the orange and blue color of week 1. I tried getting the result of all these qualities along with the “painting” effect of Coherence. This is my result:

Which one is your favorite?

(I don’t have a poll yet, so please leave me a comment with your choice. Thank you!)

If you are interesting in participating in January 2015, please find more information here:


57 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Week 4

  1. I like this, the darker colours and deeper contrast work well with the painting effect, it feels like a still out of a Disney movie πŸ™‚ I expect a puppy to come bounding along any minute!

  2. All are beautiful pictures but to vote it will go to Week 4. This picture seems as if a Disney character will come in the scene and make it lively πŸ™‚

    • Thank you. The original isn’t bad but it is fun to see what all you can do with photos in the editors. This is all a learning process for me. Thank you, your opinion matters to me.

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