Day After Christmas

Yesterday, Christmas Day, I enjoyed a wonderful meal cooked by my beautiful niece, Morgan. I contributed the pumpkin pies and Sweet Potatoe Casserole.

Her husband, Ramon, kindly took care of the kids while Morgan and I maneuvered around in the kitchen. Well, I mostly watched and visited with her.

Hungry little adorable faces (my great niece, Brielle, and nephew, Romi).
We did not have a White Christmas, but I woke up this morning to a White Day After Christmas and it is still snowing. Cowardly, I didn’t want to venture too far out in this massive snow fall (lol) so I settled on photos from my porch.



Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year 2015!

From Priceless Joy and Family

25 thoughts on “Day After Christmas

  1. Looks like you had a beautiful Christmas and the children’s photos are gorgeous! Love the snow shots as we don’t get snow here – ever ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Ah but to us it evokes sentiments of the Mother Country (England where most of us convicts have relations of some sort) and traditions of a Christmas we will never really understand and yet respond too at a gut level. Strange how the human spirit/soul does this to us.

    • Snow is beautiful really. It just isn’t pleasant to drive on. I am trying to move to the desert desert (Phoenix) where there isn’t snow. I think I can handle that. ๐Ÿ˜€

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