The Life of H2O

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly writing challenge: “Ice, Water, Steam.”

Among all the other little droplets of water, high in the sky was I. There were so many of us that our cloud became too heavy and it rained many of us onto the dry clay earth.

The earth turned into a puddle and many of us swam around in the puddle for awhile until the earth became so cold it froze. We were no longer droplets of water. We became crystals. Beautiful mesmerizing crystals.

Then the sun came out and melted the crystals back into droplets of water. Some of the drops remained on this earth and others turned into gas and some of us floated back up to the big sky to become part of the clouds. Every time it rained more and more droplets of water stayed on the earth. It has rained many times and therefore there are many water drops on this earth.

There were so many water drops on the earth that it became crowded. And, the water drops began to soak into dry clay and became a muddy mess. There were many wars during this time. Many wars and many mud people that died. Still, they didn’t learn. They didn’t learn not to hate each other or not to try and control each other. They didn’t learn how to love one another and make this world a beautiful place. Instead, they remained mud. And the world remained muddy. The more crowded it became, the messier it became. The world was a very messy place. Hate, anger, bitterness and vengeance ruled this muddy earth.

Then one day the Sun God came out and it was very very hot. The mud dried up and became clay again. The mud people cried for the lack of water and their thirst was mighty and awful. They cried and begged for water. The sun continued to beat upon them until they turned into sand. (Me and the others that are still in the cloud in the form of a drops of water are told to stay there for a very long time). We could hear the terrible cries of the mud people to the God of Moisture and Life. But still, it did not rain.

The Big Winds came from the Wind God and blew all the sand around and around until each piece of sand was somewhere different upon the dry earth. Land masses and islands began to form and Mother Nature God came and controlled all the animal and plant life upon the earth.

Animals began to roam the earth. Many and various kinds of animals. They walked upon these land masses, made by the mud people, and it is this land that give these animals life.

The God of Moisture and Life decided it was time to rain and the rain fell and fell for many days and nights. The mud people that were now land masses cried with joy and many beautiful plants and flowers began to bloom from their land form. The God of Moisture and Life was happy and became one with the God of Mother Nature.

Rain forests, mountains, valleys, and more beauty than one eye can hold grew and became solid upon this earth, from one end of this earth to the other.

Then the God of Humans said, “I am going to make people from these drops of water and clay. But, this time, I will not give them possibility of knowing evil because there will be no evil. Instead, they will only know Love, Joy, and Peace. They will play with all the precious animals of the earth and tend to the beautiful plants, flowers and trees, and they will all love one another.

And all of the Gods, the God of Wind, the God of the Sun, the God of Moisture and Life (now one with the God of Mother Nature) agreed, “This is indeed good!”

The End


22 thoughts on “The Life of H2O

  1. Hi Joy,
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas. I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog. You were one of my top commenters and as you know we bloggers thrive on the attention ;).

    Seriously I really do appreciate your comments and visits. I hope you and your friends and family have a fantastic 2015 and I look forward to seeing more of your lovely posts ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care

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