Introducing a Few Blogs…

Starting a little late today, I would like to introduce you to some great blogs that I follow. Some of these bloggers are not new to WordPress while others are. Please check out their wonderful blogs!


Mark Bialczak, author of, “Mark Bialczak” Blog has introduced a new post coming soon in his future blogs. Please read: “Go Ahead, Ask Me What I think and Ya'll Get Free Advice.” To learn more about it:

Dear Abby, (ooops, I mean, Dear Mark)


lensaddiction, author to the blog, “Learning to See Light,” features beautiful photographs. Check out the latest post: Jim Goldstein Wants my Best Images of 2014″


Nihar Pradhan, author of the blog, “Makeup & Breakup,” is the Sage of the WordPress blogs. Check out his post: “Marriage vs. Divorce-A Dialogue with a Difference.”


lrod, author of the blog, “LROD'S BLOG,” features beautiful photographs and great writing. Read her post, “WPC: New.”


Caper Mom, author of the blog, “Caper Mom making my way through the madness.” She features her everyday life as a wife, mother, and full time worker. She is also in the process of writing a book. Check out her blog, “Vacation.”


plaridel, author of the blog, “Musings of a Random Mind,” features beautiful photographs and wonderful writing. Please check out his post: “A Day in Chinatown.”


aworldofdean, author of the blog, “aworldofdean,” is a young new blogger who is “up-and-coming” in this WordPress blogosphere. Please check out his post, “It's a Cliche'”.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I truly hope each of you take time to click on the url's above and give them each a little support.

Thank you!


30 thoughts on “Introducing a Few Blogs…

  1. Hey thanks for the mention, its appreciated. Are you all ready for One Four Challenge starting tomorrow? I haven’t picked my image yet, Im a little concerned!

  2. I’m new to this, as you can see, just two blogs so far. So this is really lovely to see – that newbies are getting mentioned alongside the more experienced bloggers. Good to know πŸ™‚

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