Rolling Posts

In response to my earlier post about scrolling posts on your “Like” comments page, Dave, with ParkInkSpot came to my rescue! Thank you Dave!

– Go into your blog's dashboard and find the up and down arrow icon.

– Click on this icon and select, Reading.

– In this page you will first select: “first page displays latest post.”

– Next, (on the same page) go to “Infinity and Beyond” and select “Scroll Indefinately.”

This should change your posts displayed as scrolling!


30 thoughts on “Rolling Posts

    • I have found the only way to really learn is to explore and try things. When you go into your dashboard (which will be on the left side of the page – and you will probably only see small icons) look for the icon that has one arrow going up and next to it an arrow going down (or the other way around). That is the icon you will click on and you will see “Reading” among the other options.

  1. It is still a little bit frightening to me to go into the dashboard and explore. One time I was trying to put an award picture into my side bar and did something wrong and almost got kicked off of WordPress! Haha! That is one of the reasons I no longer accept awards. 😀

  2. Mine actually only had this option,”Scroll = Infinitely” and I took it! It actually was already selected. Thank you so much! I actually also followed myself to see when my post show up to my followers and those I follow. Thank you again for being so willing to help! You are definitely a priceless joy to follow!!

  3. Those “up and down icons” are probably easier to understand if you say, “settings”. What I don’t understand is seeing people’s posts with their likes. If someone presses like on my blog, I’m just directed to their profile and see nothing about posts

  4. So I finally tried the settings today on my blog and it turns out they were already set up that way 🙂 Thanks for teaching me though because I had no clue where those settings were. 😀

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