Just a Few More…

There were a few more blogs that I wanted to highlight, along with the previous blogs today, and decided on a second post.

Once again, some of the blogs are new while others are well established. I wanted to bring them to your attention, in case you have not yet seen them on the WordPress blogosphere. Please check them out.


Ryan Lanz is the author of the blog, “A Writer's Path.” If you are an aspiring writer, I highly suggest you follow his blog. His posts are all geared in helping aspiring writers improve their writing, and helping established and aspiring writers' to overcome writers' block. Please check out his post,

“Under the Microscope: A Crimson Cord.”



Estalea is the author of the blog, “Estelea's Blog”. She and her husband and children currently live in the Philippines and are ready to relocate. Please check out her post,

“About Time to Embark on New Adventures.”



Insach, a new, young blogger on WordPress, is the author of the blog, “Insach.” Please check out his post,

“2014 in Review”



Ben Rowe is the author of the blog, “Aperture64,” and is an amazing photographer. Check out his post,

“Confession and Questions”



Terri Webster Schrandt is the author of the blog, “Perspectives On…” Please check out her post about Windsurfing:

“Photography 101: Triumphs of the First Time.”



Thank you for reading and checking out these blogs!


15 thoughts on “Just a Few More…

  1. I checked out these blogs too. And following. My question is this? Are they all on the 101 course? I am asking because there are 7000 to choose from and you have made my task easier. :-)and being new to this the people I am following are all building there blogs. If they are not then i wouldn’t want to upset them by commenting on their themes colour choices.

    • Oh, are you just wanting to follow blogs that are taking the Blogging 101 course? Most of these that I introduced are not in the class (that I’m aware of). They are just blogs that I am following and introducing to the people who follow me.

      I haven’t been following the 101 course exactly – just going in and working on assignments as I have time. Is that something we are suppose to be doing? Introducing people we are following in the class?

      One of the blogs I introduced, “Perspectives On….” is taking the class. She is the blog post I introduced on Windsurfing. She is a great person to follow!

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