Sunday Photo Fiction Jan 11, 2015

“Why is it when something wonderful happens it turns out to bite me instead? Why does this crap keep happening to me?”

I sat on my bed holding my blue journal wishing I could write about something wonderful happening to me without it turning to stab me in the back. My heart felt like it was in my throat, restricting my breathing. I keep gasping trying to suck through the lump in my throat so I can inhale air into my lungs. It releases. The tears come, streaming down my cheeks.

The silent voice is taunting me, “Stop it. You’re just feeling sorry for yourself!’

“Shut-up Shut-up!” I scream, sobbing breathlessly. “Just shut-up!”

My inner voice whispers, “People will disappoint you. It happens and there is nothing you can do to change it. Remember, you have to change yourself.”

Suddenly, my tears stop. That is true. I cannot change other people, I can only change myself. But, what is it that I need to change about myself?

In my concentration to figure out what I need to change, I remember these comforting words,

“Someday, your ship will come in.”

Sinking further into my pillow, I begin thinking about ‘my ship’.

~200 Words~

This story is submitted for the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge hosted by Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge is to write a story of 200 words.

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45 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction Jan 11, 2015

    • Thank you so much Eva! I hesitate because I feel my writing needs much improvement. But I know I can only improve as long as I write. Thank you so much for your encouragement. It means a lot to me. Peace & Love (hugs!) xo

  1. The style of writing makes it very easy to feel with the character. Although, I am feeling like I shouldn’t have read it. I had an experience recently that left me in a similar state. There is nice foreshadowing of rather whist full hope at the end too.

  2. These are the most powerful words of your writing “I cannot change other people, I can only change myself”
    I like this strong message hidden in this simple story:)

    • Yes, true. Maybe that is what she needs is to refocus. Thanks for reading and commenting! Have a great week at work! I hope you will keep me updated about that problem you experienced. (Hugs!) xo

  3. What a fantastic way to use the image. I really like that. a very emotional story. I am guessing that from the way you describe that, it is from experience.

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