Nurturing Thursday

Becca Givens, hosts a fabulous challenge every Thursday, called Nurturing Thursday. If you are interested in participating, please check out her awesome blog:

I have always heard the phrase, “If negativity knocks at your door, don't let it in.” The following quote is another wording of this wise quote.

Thank you Becca for kindly hosting this Nurturing Thursday Posts

Google Image

Because I think humor and fun is also a way to nuture ourselves,

I have added a little Maxine wisdom.

Google Image

Yes, that is MY kind of exercise!

Along with, “exercising my fingers on the keyboard.”


25 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday

    • Thank you! It is just a picture I decided to stick on (and hope Becca is okay with that). I wanted to write Nurturing Thursday Sister on it (and anyone who wanted to use it for Nurturing Thursday could and I also wanted to make it smaller), but it got so late last night I had to stop and go to bed.

    • I agree! Sometimes we get so busy we forget to nurture ourselves. Maxine is a hoot! I think it is nurturing when we can laugh and Maxine helps us be able to laugh at ourselves. Thank you for reading!!

  1. Hi Joy, lovely quote about negativity, is up to us receive it or not, but sometimes is really difficult to be strong and don’t open the door. I love your funny stuff too! Have a great weekend!

          • Ultrasound was inconclusive. We are waiting for test results to rule out Addison’s Disease (1 out of 3 chance). He is home and I am giving him hourly quantity of water and/or food. Baby steps … so far in the past 24 hrs, I think we’ve moved cautiously forward. Thank you for asking.

          • I don’t know what Addison’s disease is but it sounds awful and I hope it isn’t that. I am happy to hear he is moving forward and I hope it continues. I am going to devote 1/2 of my Nurturing Post to him. I hope that is okay with you. <3<3

          • Ahh, thank you. Addison Disease is hormonal, and is at least treatable. Other than that, it would involve series of open-ended diagnostic exploratory tests — and we’ve decided NOT to put him through it as we have to think of the quality of life for him. We are praying for treatable — and tomorrow I still start working with two energy holistic practitioners. Fingers crossed!

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