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Every Saturday, I am dedicating a post for the purpose of introducing some of the bloggers that I follow. I enjoy following and reading these blogs and think you might enjoy them as well. Some of the blogs that I introduce are well established, while others are new bloggers in this WordPress Blogosphere. I only ask that you click on their links below and check out their blog.


Stormie Steele, author of “Stormie Steele,” a blog dedicated to Spiritual and Self Development, has recently published a book, “Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey.” Please take a look at her post, “Be the Gift.”

Be the Gift, “Life Through the Storm – The Healing Journey”


Dr. Rohith Reddy, author of the blog, “My Life,” is a blog about his travel diaries. He recommends wonderful places to see, great places to eat, among a wealth of other travel information. Please check out his post,

Travel Diaries: Hongkong-My First Backpacking Trip – II”


naturelover, author of the blog, “Nature Lover,” is a WordPress blogger from Pakistan. In her post, “The City of Lively Hearts,” she tells us about her lovely city, Lahore.

“The City of Lively Hearts”


D.L. Jordan, new blogger and author of the blog, “The Hempstead Man,” shares Part I of a story he has written, “A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: The Beginning of Normal.” Check out part 1 of his story:

“A Short Story: The Life in a Day – Chapter One: The Beginnings of Normal”


lbeth1950, author of the blog, “Nutsrok,” shares humorous stories about her 91 year old mother (with her mother's blessings). Want a good laugh? Check out her post, “Laughter and Life.”

“Laughter and Laugh”


joeyjoank, author of the blog, “In and Out of the Kitchen,” shares a tribute to the passing of her dear friend in her post, “So Long for Now.” Please read this beautiful and heartwarming post:

“So Long for Now”


RoJo, new blogger and author of the blog, “Fixing Rojo,” writes a post about his faith, “When I Lost My Faith.” Please read his story:

“When I Lost My Faith”



29 thoughts on “Check Out These Posts!

  1. Yes thank you for sharing my writing with your friends. I love checking out your Saturday share post. I follow at least one new blog every week. Thank you again.

  2. Hi joy, I read Rojo s story about losing his faith. Did you read the rest of his posts? This young writer has a very different history from any I have read. I hope he keeps up his blog and his writing.

    • I generally do not care to read the posts that are really long because of the time it takes to read them. And, I have found that a lot of the long reads are generally just a lot of rambling (which will bore readers). (Not all long reads are, but a large majority are). I always try to make my posts under 500 words (unless I really have a lot to say. But even then, if I find myself rambling, I cut that out of my posts). Most bloggers really do not have time to read a lot of long read posts because they are trying to read as many as possible). I wrote and published a post questioning my readers what type of posts they like the most and ALL of them said, posts that are not too long. I think it is important to find out what our readers like the most and try to stick to that. After all, we are writing for them.

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