Flash Fiction Chain #5 – Jithin of PhoTraBlogger

This is my first attempt at Flash Fiction being written in a continuous Chain.

This Flash Fiction, titled, Toy Soliders, is being written by a motley of some fabulous writers. These are the writers that are contributing to this story:

Part 1: Written by Abirami

Part 2: Written by Sona

Part 3: Written by Yinglan with “Hidden Stars Fiction”

Part 4: Dr. K.O.

Part 5: Austin

Part 6: Phaena

Part 7: “Itchy Quill”

Part 8: Priceless Joy with “Beautiful Words.”

Our galant host is Jithin with “PhoTraBlogger”.

Part 1by Abirami

Part 2 by Sona

Part 3 by Yinglan

Part 4 by Dr. KO

Part 5 by Austin

Part 6 by Phaena

Part 7 by Itchy Quill


The Story Characters are as follows:

Protagonist: Rick: No so ordinary boy, 10 years old

Jenna: Social Services employee

Jack: Jenna’s Boss (introduction into this scene).

Mrs. Montgomery: Foster Mother to 13 children and her only child, a son.

Jake: Mrs. Montgomery’s only child, a son.

Sun (Sunne): “The” Monkey

*** Elaborated Characters ***


Mesa (boy) 14 years old; Toro (boy) 12 years old; Wheeze (boy) 8ish years old.

Table 2:

Danus (boy) 11 years old; Makaya & Kumba (boys and twins) 7 years old.

Moses (boy) 6 years old.

Table 3: Marilyn (girl) 11 years old; Britney (girl) 8 years old; Kanya (girl) 6 years old.

The Tiny Toy Soldier Part 8 Fiction Chain #5

From part 7:

The phone answered with a click. It was a man’s voice on the other end.

“Jack, it’s happening.”


“Where are the kids?”

“I don’t know. They aren’t here. No one is here. And, there is a half eaten banana on the floor.”

“The kids could have left that there.”

“No. I don’t think so. The place is a complete mess. They all had a food fight. You know as well as I do what that means.”

“I’ll be there in fifteen minutes. Don’t leave. You need to be there if someone comes home.”

Just as the phone clicked, Jenna heard the sound of the door knob turning. The place was thick with dread and fear. When the door squeaked open, Jenna about jumped out of her shoes.

As the door opened, there stood Mrs. Montgomery,

“Oh my Dear God. What has happened here?” She dropped her bag of groceries on the floor and covered her mouth with her hand in stunned silence.

“Mrs. Montgomery, where have you been? I went to the Post Office looking for you? How could you just leave the kids like this?”

“I…I’m..I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell you that our power got shut off. I went to the church to get a payday loan to tide us over until my next check comes in. I… I just didn’t have the heart to tell the children that was where I was going. Please tell me. What is going on here?”

“Mrs. Montgomery, I don’t have time to tell you right now. I need to go find those children right now. It is very important. Jack is on his way here. Please keep him here until I get back.”

“I’ll make a pot of coffee and start cleaning this mess up. Oh Jen, I just don’t understand… her voice trailing off.

“Mrs. Montgomery, it’s that monkey again and at this point that is all we know. I don’t have time to explain right now. You just have to trust me.

“Jenna, please be careful and please bring me my babies back safe and sound.”

Those words had barely left Mrs. Montgomery’s mouth before Jenna ran out the door and headed for the jungle……

Part 8: Beautiful Words

Part 9: http://soulnspiritblog.com/about/


51 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Chain #5 – Jithin of PhoTraBlogger

  1. The mystery in the story seems to be deepening. Would Jenna be able to get back all the children? It seems Jack knows quite a lot and it is time for him to make an entry.
    It is great fun to be reading on… And welcome to the Flash Fiction chain. I am excited at the way things are moving 🙂

    • It was so much fun! I’m happy to find out you are on the flash fiction team! I wrote it last night about 11:00 pm at night and had to use toothpicks to keep my eyelids up. (lol). So, I really don’t know if I did a very good job at writing it – I hope I did!

  2. Priceless Joy, you would need to put in links in the story post. First, to PhoTraBlogger’s flash fiction chain# 5 post, so that the pingback tells Jithin that Part 8 is out. You can also leave a message in the comments section on his blog. (I will do the same to let him know).
    Second, links to all the parts that came before yours, from part 1 to part 7 so that they all know that part 8 is out and flock to your blog to read 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I feel so “unqualified” compared to the other writers. They are all such fantastic writers. It was very late last night and way past my bedtime when I wrote it. That’s why it was so horrible. LOL! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! haha

  3. Just read through this conversation and I know how hard it must have been for your…Sleep is an important factor when it comes to creativity..and fatigue can hamper that …but in your case it doesn’t seemed to have an had any adverse effect ! The story progresses smoothly and I loved the fact that you let the story just flow from where it ended..Welcome to the team 🙂

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