One Four Challenge Week 4

This week is week 4 for Robyn G’s, One Four Challenge, hosted from her blog, Captivate Me. At the begininning of the month we choose a photograph which we will work with for the entire four weeks. Each week we make computer edits to the photograph and publish the newly edited photo for that week each week. In addition, we are to explain the edits which we made (if we can remember). On the 4th week we are to attach a poll to our post for others to vote for their favorite. ย I am sorry to tell you that I did the edits on my 4th week photo about 2 weeks ago and have forgotten what I did. ย I think all I did was add more bluing to the water. I apologize for jumping the gun on my 3rd week photo. ย (I tend to lose the concept of time/day of the month, since I have retired).

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Which is your favorite?


43 thoughts on “One Four Challenge Week 4

  1. I much prefer week 2. The colours and clarity of duck are better, the water is clearer and those ARE pebbles at the bottom of the water!

    • Thank you Robyn! I meant to put a poll on it this week (I thought we had to pay for them). I couldn’t get it to work and I thought maybe it was because my post had already been published. Sorry about that and I will try to make sure the poll is on it for next month. I really enjoy this challenge and would like to continue. Have a wonderful weekend!

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