Depth from a Porch

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Depth.”

Although I took this photo during our last snow, this is what it looks like here in the Four Corners today.  It is cold and snowing. This probably isn’t a good photo to use for depth but I’m using it anyway.

A View From my Porch
A View From my Porch

31 thoughts on “Depth from a Porch

  1. Brrr, that looks cold – but it is beautiful at the same time. I prefer looking at snow on someone else’s blog rather than having it up close and personal.
    Stay warm!

      • We would probably get a little, but nothing that stays for long. Still, it is enough to bring London transport to a standstill. It’s a joke, major delays for leaves on the line, snow is a major incident!! The last couple of years we had a bad spell, which came over from your neck of the woods and it is rumoured the same will happen this year. I love it, so does Jack 🙂

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