Rattle Snake River

Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River in Latchahatchi County, Texas. My grandpa use to tell me stories about Diamond Jack and his motley gang. His legend began in the early 1800’s during the time folks were moving west to homestead land in order to own the title free and clear. Diamond Jack and his outlaw gang would lie in wait hiding and hold up the unsuspecting wagons as they were coming through.

Legend has it that as the gang were coming around a hill to surprise a wagon train, they were met head on by a tribe of Apache Indian warriors that shot the gang members with poison arrows, damn near skinned them alive before they could take their last breath. Everyone said that thieving gang got just what was coming to ’em and no tears were shed for their brutal demise. One wagon train coming through found their rotting bodies, all of em’ missing their hair. (150 words)

Monday Finish the Story Challenge. Write a story of 150 words using the photo prompt and the first sentence of, “Diamond Jack had his hideout next to the Rattle Snake River.” Link your story’s url to inLinkz little blue frog for, Monday’s Finish the Story, which is kindly hosted by Barbara. If you would like to join in this flash fiction fun, click here for more information.



34 thoughts on “Rattle Snake River

    • No kidding! As bad as they were that would be horrible, to be scalped before they were dead. 😮 Thank you for the nice comment. (I wrote this about 1:30 am this morning and was half asleep so I am grateful it came out half way decent).

  1. I like the way that you wove your story! Very nicely done! Thank you for participating in this week’s challenge! I hope to see you again next week! Be well… ^..^

  2. I suppose we should say that the gang members got their comeuppance. Yet the idea of them being scalped isn’t pleasant – though it fits so well with your story, adding to the drama of it all. An interesting and enjoyable read. Well written. 🙂

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