Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share

Michelle, author of the blog, “Hope* the Happy Hugger, hosts a “Weekly Pet Share” for those who wish to participate to share photos of their pets or other animals. This is my dog, Bria.


If you would like to join this fun event, please click on the link below:

Weekly Pet Share



21 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share

    • Thanks Cat! Yes, she is spoiled. She really doesn’t have long ears, just long hair on her ears. (Almost the same thing). She and I went back to the river this morning and fed the geese and took pictures of them. Kinda fun.

  1. Your little dog is beautiful and, I imagine, a great comfort to you. We have had many pets over the years -too many different species to name here. Now that our six children have all left we have none, and it seems strange. Our last two cats died a couple of years ago at the ripe old age of twenty three. Have fun with your little cutie. 🙂

    • Thank you! She is 13 years old and hope she will live 10 more years. I lost quite a few dogs in the past due to old age or illness. My English Springer Spaniel had to be put down last March – he was 14 years old. His liver and kidneys were failing and he had a stroke. It was very difficult. I would think it would be strange to have no pets after having them for so many years, but it would also be “freeing” to a certain extent too.

      • Yes, the reason we have no pets now is that we do like to travel. Our two cats were dreadful after they’d been to a cattery, the female in particular. She was seriously depressed for ages afterwards. I hated taking them there, but we didn’t want to burden anyone with coming round to feed them for long periods of time. So, we opted to have none. We do miss having pets around, though.

        • I had a cat for six years and I had to leave her at a cat kennel for 10 days. It just about killed her too. She stopped eating and was extremely depressed. I decided I would never do that to her again. She went missing about 1 1/2 ago and I am still missing her badly.

          • So sorry to hear that. It’s awful when it ends that way, when they’ve been part of your family for so long. It seems that cats get lonely, or feel unwanted, perhaps, when we put them in those places. That, in itself, is a sad thought.

  2. Love the look on that sweet face and those gorgeous long ears. What a cutie and great picture. Hugs and nose kisses

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