Flash Fiction Challenge for Aspiring Writers

There are several Flash Fiction Challenges on WordPress and I have really enjoyed being a member on them. Lately, my heart has been challenging me to consider starting a Flash Fiction Challenge for Aspiring Writers.

The Flash Fiction Challenges that I have participating in have many, what I consider, professional writers (authors of books or in the process of writing books). This made me realize that us “aspiring writers” need a flash fiction challenge of our own. (I would hope some professional writers would also join to be our mentors and help us improve our writing).

If you are interested, please read below and let me know your thoughts or your decision:

1. Each challenge will be a Photo Prompt Challenge. I will supply the photograph to be used to base our stories on.

2. I will start a new blog that would be strictly for this writing challenge and those who would like to join will only receive posts that are specific to this challenge.

3. I will need to know if you are interested in joining and if so, what is your blog url so I can send you and invitation from my new blog.

4. Would you like a weekly challenge, a bi-weekly challenge, or a monthly challenge?

5. How many words do you think should be the limit? 100 words, 200 words, or another number of words.

6. What are your thoughts about this Flash Fiction Challenge? Any suggestions or thoughts that I haven’t mentioned? Have I forgotten anything?

7. Any suggestions of names for the challenge?

So, please let me know if you would be interested in joining this challenge and/or what your thoughts are. Thanks!!

P.S. You do not even need to be an aspiring writer. If you would like to join just to have fun, that is acceptable too.

(Also, I do not want to step on the toes of any of the currently running Flash Fiction Challenges. I want to continue participating in these challenges, and others who may be reading this may want to continue participating in them too).



27 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Challenge for Aspiring Writers

  1. Yay! I have never written a flash fiction before so I’d be honored for yours to be my first :D. I think a weekly challenge of about 150 words. And yes! I’m in 🙂

  2. PJ, I am doing three right now and enjoy each immensely. In about 10 days I will take the reigns from a fellow from the U.K. as he steps back for a time. I think i can still manage to add another. I say the fewer words the better as it is more challenging and once a week will be the limit for me.

  3. All the best for the new endevour 😀 Please do share me the name of the new blog,may be someday I might get an idea to start my 1st story 🙂 But mostly,I would love to enjoy your stories 😀

    • That’s great Ady, I will share the name of my new blog when I get it.
      I have an idea of the name but I will have to make sure I can get it. If you ever decided to participate, that would be great!

  4. I will definitely be joining!
    I think a word count of 150-200 words would be best, only because I always have to cut things out for the 100 word flash fictions (and it bothers me sometimes), and make it weekly.

  5. 🙂
    I have been following it and yes you are right there are some professional writers there. Your idea is very nice. I want to participate. Please make it weekly and I guess the word count of 100 to 150 words would be nice. One must be encouraged to write in 100 words but there must not be restriction.
    Thanks for this wonderful idea:-)

    • That’s great! I might be needing people’s WordPress email addresses since I will be doing this from it’s own blog. I can set up the blog and then let you all know the name of it so you can follow it.

  6. Such a great idea PJ! I enjoy reading your stories so it would be great for you to host too. I haven’t taken part of any of the writing challenges but it seems that a weekly challenge works for every one. Good luck on this new challenge and hopefully I join in sometime but I will definitely follow! You will do great 😀

    • Mandi that is wonderful! I just now completed making a new website for it. I am getting ready to publish a post on this site directing everyone to the new website. (You will want to follow and receive instant emails).

      • Do it! We’re all excited for more writing challenges. To address one of your questions: I think it would be great to throw variety into these Flash Fiction Word Counts. Maybe two challenges a week, one that is always a set number of words, and one that varies. Something like that would be excellent.

        Can’t wait to start on the first one!

        • Awesome! I don’t think I can manage handling 2 challenges a week. It sounds wonderful though. Maybe someone else would like to take one challenge each week. I certainly don’t mind varying the word limit if everyone is okay with that.

  7. I’d love to participate! As long as it’s not too complicated. I still have a problem with linking back. I’ll need help. But as for word count, about 150 words would be fine and weekly also, as if it’s too long, I’ll forget! Thanks so much!

  8. This is an excellent idea, Joy and I will definitely be participating. My only concern about writing in 150 words, is it is often difficult for aspiring writers to limit the words to this amount without losing a huge chunk of the story. I think it gets easier to keep to 150 when we gain a little more experience.

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