Five Photos-Five Stories-Day 2

The chapel is swelling with the busy-ness of the wedding preparations and threatening to explode from the influx of guests arriving. The organist is at the organ waiting to start the music. The ushers are standing in the ready position near the door to seat mamma and Ricky’s parents. Mamma is making sure the bouquets on the end of each of the pews are proportionately placed and that perfection shines in the chapel.

Ricky is in some room with his family and Sissy and I are in the bride’s room making preparations for me and Ricky to take that walk down the aisle. I mean, that long walk down the aisle. The butterflies in my stomach are getting worse and mamma walks in. Suddenly, I feel like I’m going to burst into tears. I don’t understand why on earth I am so nervous. Why Ricky and I have talked of marriage for the whole seven months we’ve been dating.

In spite of these jitters, I feel pretty wearing my mamma’s wedding dress and my grandma’s engagement ring. Sissy finished my makeup and as she is fixing my hair, mamma comes over to me and looks into my eyes with huge tears rolling down her cheeks. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I burst into uncontrollable tears and choking sobs.

I just don’t understand why I am acting like this. After all, Ricky and I are adults, he is 19 years old and I’m 18 years old. Now, dadgummed it! I have to worry about my Panda eyes.

I was selected for this challenge by snowsfissures and fractures.

I am challenged to post five photos in five days and to write a story for each photo. The story can be fiction or non-fiction.

I am asked to select a new person each day to continue this challenge.

My selection for today is Lrod, author of the blog, LRod’s Blog. I challenge her to post five photos for five days and to write a one paragraph story, fiction or non-fiction, for each photo. The story can simply be explaining the photo or an embellished explanation of the photo. Or, if she prefers, to write a poem.




46 thoughts on “Five Photos-Five Stories-Day 2

    • Thank you Jodi! I am doing another challenge and I really want to “nominate” you to participate but I won’t because I know you are busy with Poetry and the other challenge I nominated you for. It would be posting a photo a day for five days and write a short story or poem for each photo. (It can be a VERY short story and it can be fiction or non-fiction, or it can simply be explaining the photo). Would you be up to doing this??

      • Thanks for thinking of me PJ, but I’d rather not take on any challenges at this time. This is my non-stress, freedom to post place, where I prefer to just go with what I’m feeling. Sometimes I need the structure for inspiration, but I get overwhelmed when I feel I HAVE to… Since I still work, I have enough stress to do the things I have to do :). But I always appreciate you thinking of me! Hugs my friend!

        • I completely understand! That is one reason why I don’t accept awards. After this challenge I am hoping not to doing any more for awhile. I have enough irons in the fire as it is.

  1. What a beautiful story. I can actually feel her nerves lol great job PJ! And thank you for selecting me. I will try my best to post every day ๐Ÿ™‚ But do we have to post a picture of our own?

  2. Oh dear, wedding day jitters. I remember them so well. You’ve put her nervousness across well, PJ. The comment about the bride and groom being adults made me smile. Adults or not, they’re still very young. Besides, nerves can strike at any age. The ‘panda eyes’ at the end was an amusing way to finish. a good response to the prompt. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Yes, they were very young. Although, when we got married in 1970 we were both 23 and considered quite old by some people. We both had careers, wheras many who didn’t have, did get married young. Nowadays. many people marry – and have children – much later.

        • That’s true, people are getting married much older than they did in earlier times. I think they are just living with each other now instead of marrying young. I think 23 is a good age to get married, certainly better than 18 (when I got married). Those five years would have made a world of difference for me.

    • Thank you! On some images I like to try and soften them (depending on the image). Yes, mamma has troubles ahead. Her daughter is immature – maybe to immature to be getting married. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. PJ, I’ve said this before, but you definitely have a huge talent for writing such great stories that invoke such emotion. You have a gift, this is not an easy thing to do. I certainly enjoy reading yours and always look forward to them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you so much Terri! That really boosts my confidence (much needed too!) Funny, I just got through writing a comment on one of your posts! Just as soon as I finished, I saw this comment and opened it to read. Great minds work the same way. LOL

  4. Enjoyed this and like the picture!! Loved the parts about her not knowing why she is nervous for they dated for a whole 7 months! LOL! Yes so long! and the thinking they are both adults when they are just on the brink of adulthood!

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