Sunday Photo Fiction 03-01-2015

I pulled into Days Inn Motel and Restaurant in Wind Fall, Idaho about 6:00 pm that evening and I was grateful for the break. It had snowed the entire day and my nerves were a bit frazzled from driving on snowy and icy roads. But I was hell bent on getting to my sister’s house as soon as I could. Her baby was due anytime and I didn’t want to miss it’s birth.

After checking into the motel, I went to my room and freshened up, then left to go for a bite to eat in the motel restaurant. On my way to the restaurant, my sister called and told me she had gone into labor and was heading to the hospital.

“Don’t have the baby until after I get there.” I warned her, upset that I might miss the birth after all.

My restless sleep was broken when my phone rang about 4:00 am. It was Tommy excidedly telling me the baby had just been born and it was a beautiful little girl.

As I was pulling out of the lot I noticed the sign, “Share an Idea.” Then I remembered the baby’s name, “Shara Anna Deal.” How about that.

201 words

Photo Credit: Joe Owens

Sunday Photo Fiction is fun and addicting and open to all that want to try their hand at writing the genre of Flash Fiction.

We are provided a prompt photo from our kind host, Joe Owens, and challenged to write a story of 200 words or less, based on the photo.

If you would like to join us or just want more information, click on this link:

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36 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction 03-01-2015

  1. What a brilliant idea and twist in the end !!! very clever and powerful imaginations PJ 😀 😀 Loved the story and the name ❤

      • Photo might be simple,but you turned it into something very interesting 🙂 Sorry,I missed out last week entirely,was in a shut-down mode 😀 but am back again 😀

        • I’m glad you’re back Ady! It is good to get away from the computer for awhile. The photo with the hummingbird hasn’t been edited or doctored. That’s how it came out of the camera.

  2. Your main character was certainly determined to get to the sister’s….driving in all that snow! I’m sad they didn’t make it but I love what you did with that sign and the baby’s name. So clever, Joy.

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