I just went into my SPAM MAIL folder and found a TON of WordPress email notfications for blogs that I follow. I apologize to those bloggers who I have missed responding to. Apparently many of your posts are now going into my SPAM MAIL Folder.

I doubt I will be able to read them all now and respond, there are just too many.

Just a reminder, check your SPAM MAIL folders.


  1. That’s where they are going! I wondered what was happening. I thought all blogs I followed would show in the reader, obviously not. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve noticed this about comments. I’m getting emails about posts, but not about comments on my blog, or when people respond to comments I’ve made on other blogs.

    It’s odd, and has only recently started happening. Even when I mark it as ‘not spam’ I do not receive the emails properly. It’s sort of frustrating. : /

    • Go into your blog’s Dashboard > Settings > Discussions and check your selections. You may have checked to not receive “Like” emails and “Likes to your comments” emails.

    • I agree about the frustration. The past 2-3 days I have been so frustrated with WordPress and all the changes they have made. It took me a year to learn enough to survive blogging and now they have changed it.

  3. I don’t even dare checked my spam email since i haven’t looked at it in forever! Lol Thank you for being so sweet and telling us about this 🙂

  4. This happened to everyone in the UK a year or so ago. Fortunately there were plenty of people complaining in the WordPress forums and after I contacted Akismet directly (following the instructions of the WP forum staff) they got it sorted out really fast for my blog.

    I think maybe sometimes Akismet does a code update which doesn’t go according to plan…

  5. I do have the same issue. I was also not seeing your posts on my reader and was wondering why you were not writing. I just went into your blog and see that you have been writing, but for whatever reason it was not on my reader. Glad I checked, so now that I am back from my vacation I can catch up on reading posts.

  6. outlook routinely blocks auto emails about posts. I regularly go through the blogs I follow physically because its easier to sort through what i want to read, to lurk, and very very occasional unfollow (usually blog that haven’t updated in a long while.) As for comments wordpress does spam comments it shouldn’t all the time.

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