Not a Green Light – Writing Prompt

Not a Green Light

“I honestly thought the light was green, officer.” I pleaded to the patrolman.

He continued writing out my ticket, clearly upset with me for running a red light. Looks like there would be no getting out of this one.

“I know that isn’t an excuse and I deserve to get a ticket sir, but I am asking you to go easy on me.”

He looked up from his clipboard and gave me the stink eye and grumbled,

“You could have killed someone by running that red light, or you could have killed yourself and you’re asking me to go easy on you? You aren’t very smart.”

He ripped the ticket off the clipboard, handed it to me along with my driver’s license and gave me a half cocky smile,

“I don’t go easy on people like you. You need to be more careful and pay attention to the color of the lights. Show up in court on the date written in on the ticket. I’ll see you there.” With that said, he turned around and went back to his motorcycle and sped off to catch the next lawbreaker.

I laid the ticket on the passenger seat and carefully pulled my car away from the side of the road, making sure no other cars were coming.

He is right and I know it. I should be more careful and pay attention to the color of the lights. I need to get my head out of the clouds. All I can think about is the book I’m writing. I could have killed someone or hurt someone, including myself.

Now that my car was safely back into the lane of traffic, I felt a smile spreading across my lips.

This is just what I needed for a scene in my book. One of the characters is pulled over by a state patrolman on her way to her wedding. Now I have all the little details to make that particular scene realistic.

Ryan Lance’s Writing Prompt 3/9/2015

* Begin a scene with this line: I honestly thought the light was green.


29 thoughts on “Not a Green Light – Writing Prompt

  1. Great story, Joy, somehow too realistic (I’m guessing you’ve been pulled over naughty Joy!!) I thought the end was about to end in a car smash because she was still so distracted

  2. I wouldn’t advise getting ideas for your book that way, PJ! Haha. The concocted incident made a good story, though. I’m glad to hear you’ve slowed down a bit in recent years.

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