Writing 101 Free Write

Last Friday, my little dog, Bria, went to the veterinarian to have three teeth extracted and four warts removed. When I picked her up to bring her home she was still groggy from the anesthesia. I placed her on the ground and she kept trying to go the wrong way and I would help her get on the right track.

About 2 hours later she was completely out of the anesthesia and was feeling pretty blue because her mouth was hurting and her little body was sore from where they removed the warts. Normally I wouldn’t worry about the warts but every time she is groomed the groomers lop off her warts and that bugs me. One wart on her leg always bugged her and she would constantly lick it, making it bleed. Last Friday, the doc put an end to that.

She is getting a lot of extra TLC and she’s really liking that. Today she is feeling much better but I’m thinking she may not “want” to feel a whole lot better because then the babying will end. Naa, I’ll keep babying her for awhile longer for having to go through what she had to go through.

This is suppose to be a “free-write” and I still have 15 minutes left. :o(

Although today is Easter, it has been a laid back Sunday for me.

Because the weather is getting so nice I am having to call in my yard helper to help me shape up my yards for spring/summer. Hopefully, I won’t need to start watering for awhile. I don’t look forward to that. However, I do look forward to getting the leaves and anything else that has blown in, cleaned up.

He is also going to help me clean my storage shed. At the end of every winter it is a disaster and at this time each year, needs to be re-organized.

I am taking Writing 101 again because I need it. I don’t think I can get too much help with my writing and I am always looking to improve. I look forward to this class, once again. If any of you reading this is also taking this class, take a minute to comment and say hi as I would like to say hi to you. If you are not taking this class, no problem! Stop and say hi anyway. I would love to read your comments and respond back to you.

I have 5 minutes left of my timed “free writing” excercise.

I have run out of things to say so I am going to end it here at the ten minutes mark. Thank you for reading my “thoughts!”

75 thoughts on “Writing 101 Free Write

  1. Hoping little Bria continues to feel better and is all healed up very soon. Happy Easter. Hugs and give sweet Bria nose kisses for us.

  2. Hi Priceless Joy! It’s nice to see you as my “classmate” for Writing 101. Looking forward to the days ahead. πŸ™‚

  3. I am an aging person and I, too, have an aging little dog. So far, she has been in really good health. Ellie will be 10 this May which makes us almost the same age in people years. Nearly every day, we walk at least a mile along the bay and together we observe the wildlife there. We are lucky to have a groomer who knows how to deal with aging pets. If your doggie’s groomer cannot correctly handle the little skin afflictions, my advice is to get another groomer.

    • I agree with you regarding the groomers. She has been going to these same groomers since she was a puppy and she is now 13 years old. Hopefully I don’t have to worry about it anymore, the growths have been removed. Thank you for reading and commenting and telling me about you and your little pet dog. My dog is my companion and I want her to live as long as possible.

  4. Poor Bria! Those groomers sound very irresponsible, I hope things get better from now on. I’m so sorry you both had to go through that. One of my cats got 5 teeth removed last week so I sympathize. I’m doing Writing 101 too so your post here has helped me get motivated to do mine tonight πŸ™‚

        • Thanks! I misread your comment. I thought it said I helped you to do yours right (I was tired and ready to go to bed). This morning I see that it said I motivated you to do yours “tonight.” Sorry about that. (It was late and I was tired).

          • It’s totally okay πŸ™‚ Fatigue gets me in that way too, a lot haha πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for your comment and I hope your cat is doing well now. I have learned that keeping their teeth in good shape and getting rid of the bad teeth adds years to their lives. Those teeth can get infected and cause havoc to their little bodies.

      • Yes! I feel bad because she didn’t seem like she was in pain, the vet was surprised that she was still eating when he saw her mouth. But it’s like she has a new lease on life, she’s happier and a lot more cuddly πŸ™‚

        • I know what you mean about their teeth. They don’t really let you know when they are in pain. I guess that is part of their survival instinct, to not appear weaker to the predators. I honestly wasn’t aware Bria needed any teeth pulled because she didn’t act like it. I took her in to have her teeth cleaned and they found them.

  5. You did well in your ten supposed to be 15 minutes. You are not that bad at writing. I know you a little bit by now. I enjoy your writing because you come up with clever ideas. Keep it up and go for it. Dog companions are so comforting for people and the animals too. πŸ˜€

    • Thank you Scrapy! I think the more I write the better I get but I still have much to learn and lots more improving to do, and why I am taking this class. My little dog is my companion and gives me a lot of company. She is 13 years old and doing well to be so old. Thank you so much for reading my post and taking the time to comment. πŸ™‚

      • Practice makes perfect! The more you do the better it gets. I love my dear dog very much, he is only 4 many hears to go- that’s what I hope for

        • Yes, he has many years to go as long as you keep his health in good condition. One thing I found out was how important it is to have their teeth cleaned. Their teeth can get rotten and cause infections that go into their bloodstreams causing more problems to their internal organs. I am not wealthy and have to save up to have my little dog’s teeth cleaned. She is an older dog (13 years) so her teeth are more prone to rot.

    • Why are your knees knocking? Are you afraid? You shouldn’t be afraid – you are an excellent writer! I have already come across one person taking the class that is a professional writer! Whatthehell !?

      • I’m always nervous to put stuff out there. Easier when I know there are friends like you participating. ☺️ Don’t be intimidated by “professionals.” They are just like us, only they make money doing it.

        • Everything I read by you is excellent! I’m sorry you are so nervous about putting your work out for everyone to read. I am nervous about that too, but that is because I’m not that good of a writer (which is why I am retaking this class). I have really embarrassed myself in some of those flash fiction challenges!

          • Thanks for that! First of all, you are going from strength to strength in terms of your writing (as I trust are we all). Second, we only really write for ourselves. I think that’s why it’s difficult to share — others might not like our things as much as we do. But we’re here for each other. πŸ‘

          • Yes, you are right! I am glad that you are taking this class. It’s nice to know a few people in the class! I doubt though that I will be able to spend as much time on Writing 101 as I did the first time I took it. But, I will do as much as I can.

  6. Hopefully Bria is much better by now, and will be so glad those pesky pains are in the past. I hope the yard is looking good. We ‘ran’ all weekend and haven’t even started in ours…… πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you Colleen! She is feeling much better now and with those bad teeth out she should be feeling better than she was. I will be so glad to get my yard cleaned up. I cannot do it myself anymore because of my back. Running sounds a lot more fun than yard cleaning! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  8. Hi! Loved your free write because it talked to the reader. I did mine but made a few changes before publishing as I did not have the courage to let it be put up without polishing.
    The last time writing 101 was super fun. That is why I am also back. Good to see you here too.

  9. I enjoyed reading your piece of ‘free-write’, PJ. It was a nice catch-up on what you’ve been doing lately. I do feel sorry for little Bria but I know she’ll be so much better once the healing process is over. And the extra TLC can never be a bad thing.

    • Thank you Millie. She is already feeling much better. It is a good thing to get those bad teeth out of her mouth before they get infected. I thought that as long as she was under the anesthesia they could take off those warts (or benign growths) too.

      • You definitely did the right thing in taking Bria to the vets. She’ll be so much more comfortable and happy in future. I cringed when I read that the dog trimmer sliced through her warts! How painful that must have been for her.

          • Bria is lucky to have such a caring owner. Not all pets are so fortunate. As you say, she isn’t a young dog, and as pets get older they do suffer from ailments that younger ones don’t. Unfortunately, treatment can be costly – too much for many people to come up with, in fact. That’s just the way it is.

          • You are right Millie. When I have something like this done on her, I have to save up to have it done, but it is worth it. She is 13 years old and her teeth are prone to go bad. Some people brush their dog’s teeth, but I don’t, I doubt she would even allow me to.

          • I understand that very well. Some animals hate to be ‘messed about’ with. We had a cat once that had wonerful long black fur. It used to get so matted up but he wouldn’t let us brush or comb through it. He really went berserk – and he was normally so docile!

          • He was very handsome, with bright yellow eyes, and always did seem quite vain. Haha. I do miss our cats, but we’ve made the decision not to have any more pets because we go away quite a lot.

          • He sounds like a beautiful cat. I can understand not wanting pets because you travel a lot. It isn’t really fair to them to be left alone so often. As for me, I don’t know if I could live without a pet. They are such a comfort to me. I travel very little, but when I do, I take Bria with me.

          • Thank you for sharing all this PJ. If I were on my own, I’d want a pet – a cat or dog, or perhaps both. We’ve had so many animals over the years and it’s strange to be without any now. Our cats hated going into a cattery when we went on holiday. The female would be depressed for weeks afterwards, and I got really worried about her. Our hairy cat, Webster, wasn’t so bad, but the female pined when we were away. And you can’t just keep asking neighbours all the time. Anway, it’s been lovely to chat but I’d better get back to work now! Enjoy what’s left of Easter, PJ.

  10. I enjoyed your free write piece. Your poor puppy. I would love to take Writing 101 with you again but I just can’t manage between NaPoWriMo and 2 other courses from Simon Fraser University April is going to be so busy! Good luck and great job!

  11. Poor Bria, I hope she’s ok now and won’t fear going back to the vet again. I’m glad to hear that the weather is getting better on your side. We’ve been having 80Β°F & 90Β°F weather but this week it’s suppose to rain. I hate this crazy weather because my daughters have been getting sick. I enjoyed your free write and I don’t think I’ve taken this course before. You’re making me want to take it now! Lol I’m looking forward to reading your future posts πŸ˜ƒ

    • I’m sorry to hear about your daughters getting sick. I hope they will be back in good health very soon. Weather does have a lot to do with that. Rain is nice because it helps keep things green and we need more of that around here. It has been in the low to mid 70’s here. Perfect weather.

  12. Awe poor Bria and those nasty groomers…tut… is she feeling better now? Dogs seem to deal with pain differently, as long as she’s eating

    • She is feeling much better now. She is eating fine. I bought her a new wet food today to see if she liked it better. So far she hasn’t eaten it – well, I just looked and she ate the chicken livers and left the food. Ha! She may not take to the new food which is Science Diet.

  13. Awwww, poor Bria. I’m sure she has enjoyed the pampering by her momma πŸ™‚ Free writing is always a good exercise. I’m always fascinated how one thought leads to another.

  14. ALL dogs need babying when having had a procedure done! I loved how you wrote quickly through your SOC then had to randomly switch subjects! So glad to see you in Writing 101 (I need it too!). Can’t wait to read more of your clever stories, PJ!!

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