Writing 101 – Three Songs

Our assignment for today is to talk about three songs that are important to us and why.

I don't really listen to music anymore so I really don't have much to say on this subject, but if I did I would say that I loved the soundtrack to “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” so much that I use to play it all the time at work in my office. My boss would come in and tell me to turn it off. I wouldn't because it was my office and was part of the many music CD's that I listened to. (He was a good sport about it, thankfully).

Instead of writing about songs, I have decided to write about several people that are and were, important to me.

The most important person in my life was my grandmother. When I went to her house, I felt unconditional love and felt accepted and appreciated for who I was. At my grandmother's, I felt I was in the lap of comfort, love, peace, and, equally important, I was away from my sister, who was a terrible bully.

I have many wonderful memories at my grandmother's home. When we moved away, I would go stay with her every summer. She was my rock in the storm, and my storm was always, without a doubt, my sister.

I spent as much time as I possibly could at her house, and loved every minute of it. Of course now, she has long-time passed away, but I still miss her as though she passed away yesterday.

The next person that has always been important to me is my brother. When he went to college in Ft. Worth, Texas, I had moved to Dallas. My brother was a dorm assistant and had to work every other weekend. On the weekend's that he worked I would go to Ft. Worth and stay in the dorm's guest room. While he was on duty as the dorm assistant, I would go across the street to Maria's Pizza and get us a large pizza. We would eat pizza and play cards.

On the weekends that he didn't work, he would come to Dallas and stay with me. We would usually go out shopping, eat dinner and go to the clubs in the evening. So naturally, my brother and I became very close.

Also important to me are my pets, although right now, I only have one pet. My beautiful and beloved cat went missing a year ago October and I still miss her terribly. I believe (I know) some people took her from me but I have no way of proving it.

About six months after my cat went missing, my English Springer Spaniel, Princeton, had a stroke and had to be euthanized. That was one year ago in March. That was very difficult for me and I still miss him.

The pet that I have now is my little Bria. She is a small dog and I believe is a mix between a poodle and shitzu. She is 13 years old this year and a great companion for me.

So there you have it! The three songs that are important to me. (lol)


40 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Three Songs

  1. That entire soundtrack was awesome! “Man of Constant Sorrow” just makes me sing every time I hear it! and trust me, no one wants to hear that, hahahaha

  2. I enjoyed the story about you and your brother. How wonderful to have a loving and supportive relationship with a sibling.

    Losing a pet is not easy, especially when they are a part of the family. However, Bria sounds adorable and aren’t you glad you found (or maybe she found you) another pet to love?.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, it is very nice to have a loving relationship with my brother. I wish I lived closer to him. My little Bria is 13 years old. She had been abandoned as a puppy. It was difficult to lose my other two pets and I know that one day I will have to let her go but I am enjoying her while I can.

  3. I enjoyed knowing your songs PJ! They are melodious. I had a similar relationship with my grand mother and felt great warmth with her.

    • I smile when I see you have read and commented on one of my posts! That is wonderful you and your grandmother had such a close relationship. I miss my grandmother so much. She was always a positive force in my life.

    • Yes. I published the post and it didn’t come through to my email. I waited awhile and it still didn’t come into my email, so I published it again. (I have been having some problems with WP and server lately).

  4. Your missing cat still hurts my heart!! That would be so hard. And Princeton too :(. I’m glad you have Bria. Thank you for sharing these three important loved ones in your life!

  5. Unconditional love is so important to have as a kid. Your grandma was a blessing! Thanks for twisting the prompt to fit something that you had to say!

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