Assignment 6: Character Study

Here’s the deal. We’re suppose to be writing about interesting people, specifically, the most interesting person we have met this year. But, I am not.

I have met tons of interesting and wonderful people on the internet. However, I have decided not to write about anyone whom I have met over the internet. Instead, I decided to write about my cat.

She was a little tiny fur ball when I got her from the neighbor’s friends. She was extremely shy and usually stayed underneath the big armchair. She would come out from her hiding place when she would wake up from a nap and want me to hold her. Much like toddlers do when they wake up from a nap.

I had two dogs and she became close to one of them. She noticed they were going through the doggie door and she soon started following them out the doggie door. She figured out they were going outside to potty so she started going outside to potty. (I loved that!)

By the time she was a “teenager” in cat years, I realized that she was a feral cat. She wasn’t feral with me or my dogs, but she was 100% feral with everyone else. Apparently, her mother had been a feral cat. Everyone in my family hated her, but I loved her. I thought of her as my “special needs” cat because of her temperment.

Her favorite thing to do was to hunt. She loved hunting the birds outside and the mice inside. She was a great mouser.

When she would lay on top of my bed, I would go up to her and kiss her face and she loved it.

She would walk around with her tail sticking straight up and come by me and touch me with the tip of her tail. That was her communication to me that she wanted to be fed.

During the winter she would come get me and take me to the doggie door (in other words telling me she wanted to go outside but the weather was bad). LOL! She wanted me to change the weather so she could go outside to hunt. She didn’t understand that I had nothing to do with the weather. But to placate her I would start playing with her inside. I would pretend I was trying to find her and that she was hiding from me (when she had her face hidden by the furniture or the drapes, she thought she was invisible). I would pretend that I was looking all over the house for her. She loved playing that game.

She was nocturnal and her main time for hunting was at night. When the weather cooperated, she would be outside during the night doing her hunting and prowling thing.

When she was over six years old, one morning, she did not return. She knew when I woke up and would always comes home at that time. I went everywhere looking for her. I kept in contact with the animal shelter, put an ad in the paper, and went door to door. There is a vacant lot behind my home which is near the river; I went all over the lot trying to find her body. I did not find one.

Then I found out something which devastated me even more. Certain people with a certain organization took her and either gave her to one of the farmers to have as a barn cat or got rid of her. I cannot tell you how I found this out, but it is true. I no longer have anything to do with these people. (Wolves in sheep’s clothing). I have no way to find out which farmer she went to (if she did) or any other information beyond what little information I have found out.

So, this is my interesting character; my beautiful and beloved cat, Sassy. I hope she is having a good life somewhere, or if she is no longer alive, then may she RIP.



35 thoughts on “Assignment 6: Character Study

  1. this is beautiful! animals are amazing. i’m sorry you lost her. i was wondering if you’d email me? i wanted to give you a link to my blog and the password to follow it too. email is

  2. I am glad you wrote what you wanted. I would have liked your buddy. I had a cat like that who was wild but slept with the dog since she was a kitten. I am so sorry the loss of a friend.

  3. This is a good description of a special person(friend). Just very sad that people could be so cruel, not only to the animal but also to the owner who loves her.

  4. This is an attractive piece of writing. You have done a wonderful job in describing the character of a cat. It brings a smile on my face and by the time I reached the end, I felt sorry for you.

    I especially like the sentence “She was a little tiny fur ball”

    Good job:)

    • Thanks Nature Lover! I’m glad you enjoyed my story. She was a tiny little thing and after she grew more I understood why. She had a feral mother and they probably didn’t get a lot of food. Or she could have been closer to 4 weeks rather than 5 weeks.

  5. Oh…this breaks my heart! I want to hunt down the people who took her…and not be nice to them….I am so sorry you lost this beautiful blessing in your life. I understand…I too have a friend that hunts in the night!

    • Thank you for reading and for your empathy. She went missing a year 1/2 ago and I’m still not over it. I really did love her even though she was a ‘quirky’ cat. Those people really really hurt me. But, like I said. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  6. It was so nice to read about Sassy, what a lovable cat! But how sad that she never came back, how can someone do that! I really do hope she’s having a good life. I’m sorry for your loss but I hope Bria has helped you cope 😃

    • Thank you again Lrod. It really broke my heart when I couldn’t find her. Like I said in the story, these people are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Bria does help make it easier. I feel fortunate and very grateful to still have her and that she hasn’t been taken from me too. I would love to get another kitty but Bria doesn’t take to them very well. She growls at them. So she will be my only pet while she is still alive.

  7. Interesting read PJ! The specific descriptions that you have shared are beautiful. However as I reached the end; I felt sad. Sorry for your loss.

  8. Awe such a lovely story, Joy, and so heart breaking to lose her like that. You must’ve been beside yourself with worry. Those nasty horrible people. You don’t think one of them took her home to be their cat? I would’ve stalked their houses lol.

  9. I’m so sorry you no longer have Sassy. It is heartbreaking and I’m sure she is a real part of your family. It’s even worse when you don’t know where they took her. There are some really mean people in this world.

    • Thank you Jessie for understanding. It really broke my heart. My heart is still broken. You are right about mean people. I’m sure it broke her heart as much as it broke mine. Some people are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  10. OH PJ Sassy sounds so wonderful! You did a great job describing her and making me love a cat. I will admit I am more of a dog person, but she sounded really neat. I am so sad for you! I am sorry that she got taken, that is awful for someone to do!! When you say wolves in sheep’s clothing, it sounds like you trusted these people. That makes it even worse!! HUGS my dear friend! Sorry again, unfortunately there are just some cruel people in this world!

    • She was a wonderful cat (for me). She was feral with everyone else. I loved her dearly because I thought of her as my special needs cat (because of her feral-ness) It broke my heart and yes, they were people I trusted. I know that it had to have broken her heart too because she loved me so much.

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