Berty – Sunday Photo Fiction

Roxi told me her daddy’s buying her a horse. I just wanna scream! I been wanting a horse for as long as I can remember and I ain’t never heard Roxi say she wanted a horse. It just ain’t fair. It ain’t fair at all.”

No one was around to hear my little tyrade. But the tears were stickin’ inside my throat. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t cry. I wanted to scream and I wanted to scream as loud as I could.

I’ve begged my daddy to get me a horse but he says they are too pricey to feed. I tole him I would work and pay for the feed, I would do whatever I needed to if I could just get my own horse.”

After breakfast this morning I went outside to do my chores, my mind consumed with Roxi and her horse.

When I walked outside there was my daddy and Roxi, standing next to the most beautiful horse I ever laid my eyes on. My daddy was grinnin’ ear to ear,

This is your horse, Katie, and her name is Berty.”

I ran up to Berty, and hugging her neck, I cried like a baby. (200 words)

Photo Credit: Alistair Forbes

A huge thank you to Allistair Forbes for hosting the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge and for supplying the photo for our prompt today. This challenge is open to all who would like to challenge their creativity and gather with others to share stories. WARNING: It’s fun and addicting. Want to know more? Click on this link for more information or to read all the stories:

Flash Fiction






40 thoughts on “Berty – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. Such a really sweet and emotional story. I’m so happy she got the horse she has always wanted. I love horses and ride every chance I get, although I do not own one, I certainly can understand the strong desire to. I would have loved to of been raised on a horse farm!

    • Thank you Jessie! Yes, most young girls yearn for a horse. I know I did. We did own a horse for a short while when I was young, but I never learned to ride well. Horses are such majestic beautiful animals. It is really great you get to go riding occasionally.

  2. Very emotional piece of writing. I am so glad it is her horse! She is going to enjoy it for years to come. Well written and very special

  3. Fantastic story, PJ! There is something wonderful about horses – even if they do scare me a bit in person. I grew up reading all of Walter Farley’s hits books. Thanks for reminding of those good times 🙂

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