Watch Me – Sunday Photo Fiction

Watch me step on you to munch my plants no more

and I will watch your bloody guts be smashed in a gooey greenish gore.

I’m tired of feeding you and your ferocious appetite

I’m out to get you grass hopper with all my vengeful might.

Watch me step on you to end your hateful ways

of making a meal from my plants which makes you want to stay.

I’ll poison you if I must just to make you to leave

Because on my plants you seem to want to always cleave.

Watch me kill you you monster bug I hate,

You have my blood a boiling you force me to make,

No exceptions! Watch me step on you!

This is my 120 word story for Alistair Forbes’ Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. If you would like to participate in this challenge, check out this link: Sunday Photo Fiction

Alistair gives us a photo prompt and approximately 200 words to weave our stories with. It is lots of fun and addicting.



31 thoughts on “Watch Me – Sunday Photo Fiction

  1. Well written and different too. I can tell from this that you definitely do not like bugs!

  2. Haha! Grasshoppers beware! In the pic the grasshopper is on a watch, and you’re saying “Watch me.” Very clever play on words. Love the rhyming too. Outstanding poem!

  3. Poor grasshopper if he could know what awaits him if it comes near your plants!. Well done.

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