Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

My friend Frederick with FredtotheRick blog has challenged all of his followers (me being one) to write a post about fifty things that make us happy.

I am accepting his challenge and extending this challenge to all my followers: Write a blog post about “Fifty Things That Make You Happy.”

1. When I get to sleep as long as I need to sleep to feel completely rested.

2. When it rains and I don’t have to water my outdoor plants.

3. When I get a package in the mail and it being properly delivered.

4. Retirement.

5. Freedom.

6. When everything in my life is peaceful and calm (no drama).

7. Enjoying cups of hot coffee each morning. Mmmm…

8. Knowing I will skip number 8 just because I can.

9. Drinking a coke.

10. Watching my hummingbirds.

11. Knowing my hummingbirds are comfortable with me being around them.

12. Feeling safe and protected.

13. My country (even though it is sometimes dysfunctional).

14. Listening to beautiful soothing music.

15. Being in the mountains with the fresh mountain air.

16. Being around animals.

17. My little dog, Bria.

18. Having a clean conscience.

19. Finally being able to get something I have wanted for a long long time.

20. When a long lost friends returns.

21. Beautiful sunny days when it is neither too hot or too cold.

22. All my friends on WordPress.

23. All my friends.

24. Going out for breakfast.

25. Peace of mind

26. Having all those “hard” years behind me.

27. Those “aha” moments.

28. A really good book

29. A really good movie.

30. Visiting my kids and grandkids

31. Writing flash fiction

32. Hummingbirds (Did I say hummingbirds?)I love hummingbirds

33. Learning something new

34. Learning something new to improve my blog

35. My blogging friends

36. Ice Cream

37. Saying the same thing twice because I can.

38. Freedom (saying Freedom twice because it is so high value).

39. A very nice delicious dinner that someone else cooked.

40. Spring

41. That moment when you know winter is over.

42. A nice comfortable bed.

43. A nice ‘down’ pillow.

44. Talking to my family.

45. My children and grandchildren!

46. Making new blogging friends.

47. Making new friends.

48. Bright pretty flowers.

49. My Lilac bushes when they bloom.

50. Just because there is a lot to be happy about.

51. Funny jokes.



34 thoughts on “Fifty Things That Make Me Happy

  1. hmm…I like the idea of nice down pillow and a delicious dinner cooked by someone else!!
    I remember reading your post about hummingbirds. You posted their pictures on your blog. It shows your love and care about birds.
    It’s great to be thankful for all these things!!!

    • Yes, it is. It’s great to be grateful about anything and it sure lifted my spirits by writing this list of 50 things to be happy about. I just love watching those cute little birds. When I go out near them then even more seem to gather. Seems like they like the company of humans being around. They will often come and fly next to my big window where I sit and check on me. LOL (That’s what I have decided they are doing anyway. I think they are just curious little birds).

    • LOL! I had fun writing up my list and thought I would throw in some fun things into it. I enjoyed writing it and you are welcome! I hope more people take up the challenge.

  2. What makes me happy about this Priceless, and other’s lists, is that the ‘things’ listed do not have to be ‘things’ at all, or large, or grand or unreachable. But every single day things, moments and experiences, opportunities and interactions. πŸ™‚

  3. Oh yes! When winter is over, uuuuhh, I love it. Awww, wonderful to know so much more πŸ™‚ . Coffee nd funny jokes?! PJ you have a partner here πŸ˜‰

  4. Great stuff! The simple things of life. I really like the no drama one! Thanks for sharing your happy triggers with us!

  5. Even 10 makes me think but you came up with 50+1 and all different. About the food I too would like a cooked meal by someone else for a change. This was interesting. I think I will do it but when I don’t know.

    • Thank you Norma! It is fun to do and really uplifting. And, it’s fun to have a bit of fun with it. Although there were 51 things on my list there were really only 50 things I was thankful for because I skipped number 8.

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