FFfAW: Talking Fish and Voices

I sit here in my psychiatrist's office, waiting. The black and yellow fish in the aquarium keep giving me secret messages and the voices in my head are constantly telling me I'm a low-life not worthy of living.

Oh gawd, the damn fish is talking to me again!


Doc won't be happy with me because I won't take my meds. But, I hate them. They make me feel worse. The voices tell me not to take them or they'll kill me. Oh God it hurts so much to be confused! I'm so confused.

Should I tell the doc about the messages from the black and yellow fish? Hell no, he'll think I'm crazy. I don't want him to think I'm crazy. Everyone else thinks I'm crazy because I hear voices.

I wish the voices would stop being mean to me. I wish they would just be nice.

(150 words)

copyright ยฉpricelessjoy.co, 2015

Thank you to Sonya O. for loaning us the photo for our prompt this week.

This is my submission for the challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. We are given a prompt photo and between 75-175 words with which to write our stories. This challenge is open to all who would like to participate. To find out more, please click on this link FFfAW.




74 thoughts on “FFfAW: Talking Fish and Voices

  1. Talking fish, I like this start for fiction, I wonder what they would say to other people? Lots of directions to take this idea.

      • Yes, I understand that, I guess I was thinking about a story where the fish would talk to everyone, even the psychiatrist ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I am sorry I did not understand your story, I thought this was a writing prompt to start a long story, now I have read your next post and I understand this is the whole story, a short fiction, yes it is very sad to have Schizophrenia, my brother has this disease.

          • You don’t need to apologize. I understand completely. I’m sorry to hear about your brother. I truly hope for the best for him. I use to have severe depression. It took me to the brink of this disease, so I understand how traumatic it is. It is so important to take the meds and so many don’t because of what I wrote in my story.

    • Yes, I agree with you Jodi! It is a horrible mental illness and many that have this won’t take their medication because their “voices” are telling them the medicine will kill them or they don’t like the way they make them feel. Thank you for reading it my friend! That makes me feel good. Thank you for commenting too. XOXO (hugs!)

  2. The psychiatrist probably has the fish tank in his office to sooth his patients, and here this poor person is getting the worst of it. Nicely written, Joy!

  3. A difficult situation for your character to be in. Maybe she would be happier if she told the doctor how the medications made her feel and that she is hearing things but they need to explore other medications, not ones that make her feel worse.

    • That’s very true Mandi! She should trust her psychiatrist more and open up to him/her. That way they can deal with the negative feelings she/he is having with taking those particular meds. Thank you!!

  4. Well done Joy this is a serious issue for some people. Can I so bold as to point out a typo…in the second sentence ‘keeps’ should be ‘keep’….

  5. Nice take on the prompt Joy. The voices come from within and I think hearing a fish talking would be quite natural when your sitting there watching it. I agree with the advice to trust your doctor, after all, that is why a person goes to the doctor and unless he , or she knows what you are experiencing your treatment may not be as affective as it should be. The right meds are very important.

  6. You have captured the inside mind of mental illness so well. It is sad that the very people who need those meds, are the ones less likely to take them.
    I understand about the hold of depression, and the way it twists voices heard inside and out.
    A sad read lovingly told.

  7. It’s not rare for me to find a sad mental illness story, but you managed to turn it from depressing into nice, happy one without missing the sad part. This is, in lack of a better word, an awesome piece.

  8. What happens when you talk back in a nice polite way? Won’t they stop pulling you down? Make them feel positive!

  9. I think he really needs to talk to his doctor and take his meds! I have a very close friend who suffers with schizophrenia so this story touches a nerve with me. Very well done, PJ. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. The last two lines are so powerful โ€“ I feel for your character.

    And you know, you could probably write a novel about a shrink with a tank full of talking fish in his waiting room… Really enjoyed your take on the prompt. It’s a lot of fun finding out what others make of the picture ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you Sonya! It is a great photo and I appreciate you sending me some photos for prompts. This was a fun photo to write a story for, although my story wasn’t really a fun one.

  11. Oh my gawd! Some of these comments have my in stitches ๐Ÿ˜› I love the way you used and abused those poor fishies. I think the character should tell the doctor. Great take on a serious illness.

    • I agree! The character should tell the doctor. Whether he will or not is another matter. ๐Ÿ˜€ Glad you enjoyed the story and the comments Ellespeth! LOL

  12. A spooky story but you tell it in such an interesting way …. It’s such a painful realization and to think los of people actually suffer this ..

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