SPF-Waterfront Lighthouse

The old Waterfront Lighthouse has been there for many years, guiding in the lost seamen of the north.

Captain Mackey was one of those seaman that was guided into shore by the Waterfront.

“All of a sudden a huge storm came up and threaten to sink our boat. The water was overlapping the sides of the boat. While the boat was being tossed about the men were all on their knees, saying their hail Mary’s.

As the captain of the boat I had to remain calm and try to get the men to calm down too. Sure, I remained calm on the outside, but my insides were being battered and beaten along with the boat.

Suddenly we saw the glorious guiding light from the Waterfront and knew we didn’t have much farther to go to safety. We slowly limped ashore. Our boat was full of water and the men and I were trembling with fear and from being wet and cold. We owe our lives to the Waterfront Lighthouse.”


Thank you Alistair Forbes for the photo prompt and for hosting Sunday Photo Fiction. The challenge is fun and addicting and open to anyone who would like to participate in creating a story using a photo prompt and approximately 200 words. For more information or to read other participants’ stories, click on this link: SPF


22 thoughts on “SPF-Waterfront Lighthouse

  1. Nicely done, Joy! Sometimes we forget the real purpose of a lighthouse…we are so inthralled with the beauty of them and their brightly shinning light. We don’t hear enough about how valuable they are.

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