SPF-Breaking Up

I read the letter begging for crumbs that he still loved me and that he would be coming back. I searched frantically throughout the letter looking for a crumb. Just one lousy crumb. That’s all I needed.

There was none. It was a dear Jane letter. Sorry, but it’s over and what we had together we have no more. Cut and dried and hurt me real deep. I threw the letter onto the bed and grabbed my cape to cover me from the autumn chill. It was time now.

The tower bridge seemed the perfect place to execute my plan. Seemed the weather was apropos with how I felt. Dreary rainy weather. I did everything I could to make him love me. Where did I fail?

The bridge was uninhabited and I was there alone. I took off my cape and folded it and laid it on the bridge. I stepped up onto the edge and performed my best swan dive. Too bad no one was around to see it.



Alistair Forbes kindly hosts Sunday Photo Fiction and has provided us with our prompt photo and approximately 200 words from which I based my story on. Click on this link to find out more about the challenge and to find the link to either add your story or to read the others fabulous stories. SPF



38 thoughts on “SPF-Breaking Up

  1. Sad that she gave in to the last step of been rejected! Does it really work the best? I doubt it! Well written

  2. So sad when despair takes over like that. I like the way you show the depth of her emotion – the hope and clutching at straws to start with, then the realisation that this was the end of their relationship. Nicely written, PJ.

  3. Nicely written, Joy. Even with her sudden impulse to end her life she was trying to think of an answer as to how she failed him. It was sad that she blamed herself. She acted like she was in control of ending her life as she folded her cape and thought about people missing her perfect swan dive.

    • Yes, I believe you are right. She was in control of her decision to end her life. So matter-of-fact. Spooky. Thank you for reading and for your nice comment!

  4. There is no love worth that cost. He was probably a bum! Too bad no one told her! Although, she would not have believed them… but maybe she would have become fighting mad… and then fought to live?
    Enjoyed the read.

  5. Broken hearts and broken souls.
    One would like to think at the end that perhaps someone did see…
    and rescued the diver… who then regained hope.

    And yet I am reminded of a boy in my High School… who took a dive, without water off the school roof.
    There was no rescue.

    Thanks for visiting Rumors. I hope to have more fun with it as a series.

  6. Something so permanent for a problem so temporary.
    He obviously is not worth the time.
    Very well written, for you conveyed a lot within such a short piece.

  7. Get story with a sad ending. I always say suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

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