MFtS: Flying

“Delphine always wanted to pilot her father's plane and when he forgot his keys on her tenth birthday, she knew that taking off would be easy.”

She spied the keys lying on the lamp table next to the staircase. She had watched her dad fly the plane thousands of times. She felt sure she could fly the plane too. In fact, she felt so sure of it that she decided to walk to the hanger and do just that. She was going to fly that plane. Her dad would never find out, she would make sure of that.

When she got to the hanger, she got into the plane and put in the keys in the ignition and turned it on. She slowly crept the plane out of the hanger and drove it down the runway, gaining momentum to lift off. She finally was able to lift the plane off the runway. She was so exhilarated! She was flying the plane! Then she looked below her and saw two men in uniforms running down the runway yelling something she couldn't hear. They looked very upset. What does she do now?

Taking off was easy, but now, how does she land it? Help!

(150 words)

Barbara Beacham kindly hosts Monday's Finish the Story Challenge. She gives us a photo prompt, the first sentence for our story and approximately 150 words with which we use to build our stories. The challenge is fun and addicting. For more information click on this link MFtS.

Thank you to Martin Furman for providing the first sentence to our story:

“Delphine always wanted to pilot her father's plane and when he forgot his keys on her tenth birthday, she knew that taking off would be easy.”

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43 thoughts on “MFtS: Flying

  1. I’m glad she was able to land safely Grounded until she 18 for sure. I remember when we were young we’d take the car keys and move the car around the yard – up and down the driveway. Such fun, but we never dared get near a real road. Great story. 🙂

  2. Hard to know how this will end from what you’ve written (though I like the comical note of suspense you end on)–so I’m glad you reassured us in the comments section! : )

  3. What next Joy? One’s first time at something is never as easy as it seems is it? Thanks for another great story Joy! See you next week and be well… ^..^

  4. Ooops, that’s not good at all. Shows how kids brains work. They first do and then think later!

  5. Woopsie! She didn’t quite think it all the way through. I do hope Dad could talk her to a safe landing with the radio. And she lands safely with her butt intact, I can only imagine the spanking she got! Fun story!

    • Yes, she was able to land safely (I don’t harm or kill children in my stories) and yes, she is in BIG trouble with dad. LOL Thank you for reading and for the nice comment.

  6. Great story, and something that could really happen…usually with a car, but a plane is really scary! That’s one dad that would really be in turmoil just waiting for it to turn on a positive note! I bet in future…the keys are in his possession at all times…especially if he has other children. Nice job, Joy.

  7. You saying that reminded me of when one of our son’s was 11 years old…..had a friend spending the night…phone rang at 2 a.m. from the police..woke us up with the question…do you have a son named Steven? He and his friend , plus his friend’s cousins were found walking to a convenience store. All were escorted home by the police! Even if you think they are home safe…it may not be true!

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